The Kissing Booth 3: Will Lee And Elle Stay Friends In The Third Installment

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“The Kissing Booth 3” finally has a start date. New photos from the film raise the question of what happens to Elle and Lee.

There are new photos from “The Kissing Booth 3”!

Just recently, Netflix revealed the start date for “The Kissing Booth 3”, now new photos of the characters Elle (Joey King) and her BFF Lee (Joel Courtney) appear, which indicate the further development of the film.

How does the story of “The Kissing Booth” continue?

We remember: At the end of Part 2, Elle and her friends drop out of high school. The next step: study! But here comes the big drama that will surely make up the core of “The Kissing Booth” Part 3 – because which university does Elle choose? Is she going to UC Berkeley with Lee, her best friend? Or does she choose Harvard and study there with her boyfriend Noah (Jacob Elordi)? So we have to intervene briefly: You can choose between a public university and a top elite university – and still have to think about it ?! But of course, it’s not that easy when emotions are at the start. Lee has come to terms with Elle and Noah’s relationship, but losing his best friend shouldn’t make him particularly happy. The new photos from the film say something different!

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What the photos reveal about the storyline

In the picture published by USA Today, Elle and Lee can be seen sitting together laughing. It doesn’t seem like Elle chose Harvard, does it? Based on the good mood and the summer clothes, it looks more like part 3 will play right after part 2- so Elle’s decision is still completely pending! And we mustn’t forget that there is a second contender for Elle’s heart: Marco (Taylor Zakhar Perez) has certainly not given up yet! So it remains exciting. We think it’s time for a trailer so we can take it apart and analyze it!

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