The latest Ezra Miller scandal tenses the situation with Warner, is the Flash in danger?


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It recently came to light that Ezra Miller had starred in a scandal that ended in trouble with the law and was even arrested. This situation, added to other complaints, puts in check the actor’s relationship with Warner Bros., a studio with which he leads his two most important Fantastic Animals franchises and the DCEU where he gives life to Flash.

This year DC fans were looking forward to the premiere of The Flash, but the solo movie of the fastest man in the world underwent a new change in its release schedule. With the modifications, the Andy Muschietti film became part of the June 2023 lineup.

As the film continues to build, Warner Bros. and DC are faced with another situation: Ezra’s future as the titular hero. What happened in Hawaii set off the alarm of those responsible for the franchise and even worse when it was learned that the charges against the actor are higher, since according to witnesses, Miller entered a house and threatened a couple, not only saying that he was going to rob them, but also kill them.

An exclusive report from Rolling Stone quotes a source as telling of an emergency meeting between Warner Bros. and DC Films to decide Miller’s future. The text also ensures that appearances as Flash in future DCEU presentations have been stopped due to the actor’s arrest. This implies films and also cameos of any kind where the character is needed, as it happened in the final episode of Peacemaker.

The Rolling Stone article also reveals that the actor suffered “frequent meltdowns” on the set of The Flash. The sources reported that this situation did not result in any violence, but rather in blackouts for Miller. “Ezra had a thought in his head and was like, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing,” the post quotes.

At the moment neither Miller nor his representatives have made statements about the latest events. It will be a matter of waiting to see what the actor says and what other actions the studios take.

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