The Most Incredible Natural Locations In Canada To Explore 

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Canada is probably one of the most beautiful locations across the globe. For natural landscaping, many believe it takes the top spots for location. It is no wonder that movies and production always choose to film in Canada because you practically have the Lord of the Rings forests on your doorstep if so. If you are a wanderlust traveler yourself and are looking for the next best spots to visit, we have you covered. Check out our best spots to visit down below.

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Virginia Falls, Northwestern Territories 

Virginia Falls is a great place to get lost in serene natural beauty. At a staggering 96m tall, it is a lesser-known attraction to its sister Niagara Falls. Nevertheless, this spot is truly beautiful and is totally worth the visit. With miles and miles of wooded wilderness known as the Nahanni National Park, you can really enjoy the remote spot that it is. Less tourists go here, and for that reason it really is much more peaceful. Call it the getaway that you need. Only 1400 visitors go each year, and the site itself is almost biblical, you will feel like you are lingering in the memories of your dream. It truly is surreal. 

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Yukon Northern Lights

It isn’t just Scandinavia that has the best northern lights to be witnessed, Canada has them too. With the terrain of Yukon having very little light pollution, it’s the best locality to be able to witness the magic happen. National Geographic cited this place as one of the most beautiful places to reconnect with nature and yourself, and we think we know exactly why. There is this energy there that really softens your heart and mind from the moment you land there. Just up the road there is a Northern Lights Spa and Resort if you are looking for somewhere to crash and enjoy the sites of the terrain even longer. Be sure to check it out, it’s called Whitehorse. 

Western Brook Pond fjord

You may be confused with the use of Norwegian terminology here, but alas that is what this place is called. The fjord here is by far the most photogenic location within Canada. With the towering granite peaks, and flanks of pine trees surrounding the crystal waters of the lake, it will take your breath for a matter of moments. So, make sure you take a breath in between. At the most western point though, there is a valley that is perfect for pictures, chilling and perhaps a snooze with a good book and company. Definitely a pitstop worth going too. 

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Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick

If you like caves, waves and spectacular views, the Hopewell Rocks would be a great pitstop on your travels in Canada. The Bay of Fundy has the largest tidal reach anywhere in the world, and with such high tides, it has made the rocks look like tree islets. When the tide goes out however, other stacks get revealed, and further beauties of the seafloor are revealed. Multiple marine biologists time their visits around the tide, as it is believed the ecosystems here are very misunderstood, especially due to the inability to collect research and samples due to the high tides.

Lake Moraine, Alberta 

You have probably guessed this location would come up at some point in our list. Lake Louise is one of the most talked about glacial lakes in the world, and with the fairy-tale-like size, overlooking the Moraine mountains is a site for any sore eyes, that we can tell you. The water is a lapis blue colour, that seems so pigmented, that it has been painted. With so many mountain cabins and lodges around the area, you will definitely need to spend a few nights here while you hike and see all the wonders that this location has to offer.

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