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The new paradigms of money and cryptocurrencies have changed the way earnings and investments are perceived. The appearance of cryptocurrencies has generated a boom in many investors, with stories of people who quickly became millionaires for some business related to the crypto world.

However, although less widespread, there are also many cases of situations where not everything works out as well. Away from controls and formality, many of these intangible transactions can “disappear” from one moment to the next.

After the success of El escador de Tinder and Inventing Anna, it seems that the true crime genre related to scams will continue to be a bet of the N platform.

Gerry Cotten, CEO of Quadriga

In this case, this documentary is about $250 million worth of cryptocurrencies left literally lost on the web after the owner of Quadriga, Canada’s leading cryptocurrency investor, suddenly died.

The problem was that Gerry Cotten took with him the password and therefore access to the money of more than 75,000 investors, for a total of 250 million dollars. But he did not stop there. Some of the victims began to suspect Cotten’s death, since it seemed strange to them that there was no Plan B. In addition, the businessman had previously been involved in various pyramid schemes, although it is also true that he had not been convicted of any crime.

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From there this documentary was born, inspired by the note published by Vanity Fair in 2019, where one of the victims, who protected her identity under the alias of QCXINT, tells her suspicions and makes public the damage caused.

QCXINT appears in the documentary and never reveals his identity

The documentary goes from conspiracy theories, the opinion of journalists and experts who covered the case to the point of showing that there is great complexity in the blockchain and cryptocurrency issue that they often try to simplify to attract investors. Also as the justice and investigation system has lagged behind these new technologies.

For almost 90 minutes, Trust No One will keep you on your toes as you open your eyes a little to the danger of the internet, as you try to uncover what happened to this mysterious businessman and the $250 million that no one ever saw again.

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