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Whenever a new teen-starring movie comes out, it is quite common for it to be watched by many viewers. Within Amazon Prime Video, you can find many films of this type.

In this opportunity, we have chosen a movie that was a success from the moment it hit the big screen. Due to its popularity and the fact that it is based on a book, it has had several installments and its final chapter will arrive in 2022.

What production are we talking about? From After! A film that has everything you’re looking for in a single story: young love, parties, lack of control and the challenge of growing up. Below we tell you more details.

After, the youth romance available on Amazon Prime Video

After is a teen genre film, which presents us with a romantic drama starring two not so famous actors: Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes-Tiffin. Of course, after the release of this film, the performers became known in different parts of the world.

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This production had Jenny Gage in the director’s chair, and was co-written by herself with Susan McMartin and Tamara Chestna. It is based on the novel of the same name, which was written by Anna Todd and was born as a One Direction fanfic on Wattpad.

Available on Amazon Prime Video, this title introduces us to Tessa Young. She is about a young woman who has just arrived at the university, and has a fairly stable and orderly life. However, everything will take a turn when she meets Hardin Scott.

A mysterious young man who has a rather dark past. Although at first they hate each other deeply, the opposite poles will attract each other and feelings will begin to arise. But nothing will be easy. Both Tessa and Hardin will have to face multiple tests, where innocence will play an important role as well as sexual discovery. They will do everything possible to be together.

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Due to the enormous success of the first installment as it is based on a novel, After released a total of two films. Its final chapter is expected to come out in 2022, where fans will discover what will happen to the main couple. Did you give this movie a chance?

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