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Food is very important in people’s daily lives. Although there is a lot of information about it, sometimes it is not taken as seriously as it should be. For this reason, Netflix shared a documentary that seeks to make people aware.

The truth is that within this popular streaming platform, users can find many titles that are linked to this particular topic. However, one of them managed to stand out completely.

It is a documentary film called What The Health, which was acclaimed by viewers and also received good comments from specialized critics. Below we tell you more details.

Netflix: What The Health, the documentary about healthy eating

What The Health also seeks to bring to light what is going on behind health organizations. Even by those that come to be backed by the government itself.

As an example and to delve deeper into the subject, this production will present three cases of people with different and common diseases today. Finding no real cure, they made the decision to switch to a plant-based diet. The outcome of the stories will completely surprise you.

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What The Health is from the same creators as Cowspiracy, another documentary that introduced healthy plant-based eating and opened viewers’ eyes to the world of ranching.

This production, which is available in the Netflix catalog, invites us to question everything we know about food since childhood. It emphasizes “healthy diets” and teaches us that the consumption of foods of animal origin causes disease.

In this way, they seek to teach us that a plant-based diet allows us to maintain optimal health. At the same time, it will help us prevent and reverse various diseases.

To make all this information known, this documentary features several renowned doctors and also presents the results of scientific studies. In addition, it shows the experience of thousands of people who have become aware of healthy living.

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