The Netflix movie with Ryan Reynolds that cost 150 million dollars

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  • The Netflix movie with Ryan Reynolds cost 150 million dollars.
  • What is Squad 6 about?

In Netflix’s “Squad 6,” Ryan Reynolds is the recruiter for an international team of experts and they will attempt to change the future by overthrowing a tyrant leader to help the aspirations of a technological genius.

Netflix has in its catalog an action and comedy film starring Ryan Reynolds and directed by none other than Michael Bay, which promises to enchant streaming lovers, and as proof of its confidence in it, the company has decided to invest more than 150 million dollars in production.

The original title of the Netflix movie is “ 6 Underground ”, but in Spanish, they called it Squadron 6, according to what La Verdad Noticias learned. It is a comedy and action film written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

Other stars that you can see in the movie are Mélanie Laurent and Dave Franco, two great luminaries within the Hollywood action genre that both young and old alike, and who have an impressive demand on the streaming platform, which explains the 150 million dollars that were invested in it.

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“Squad 6” is available on Netflix since December 2019.

Squad 6 promises us a new style of action hero. The plot collects the lives of six individuals around the world who are experts in their respective areas. All of them are recruited by the dark and mysterious character of Ryan Reynolds, after being chosen by their common desire to leave their past behind.

It tells the story of a billionaire tech genius who simulates his death and confirms the international team to overthrow a dangerous dictator. Our protagonists will have only one attempt to change the future, in a risky mission from which they have no guarantee of return.

The film features the performances of two Latin Hollywood promises: Mexican actor Manuel García-Rulfo and Adria Arjona, daughter of singer Ricardo Arjona, who is looking to make a name for himself in the film industry on the popular streaming platform.

One of the big attractions of Squadron 6 from Netflix, as well as the talented and funny Ryan Reynolds, is that it is filmed in several cities in Italy, such as Siena, Taranto, Lake Trasimeno, Florence, and Rome. We will also see other cities like Budapest and Abu Dhabi. A great way to spend on a film of action and comedy.

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