The new ‘Prince of Bel-Air’ will be a drama based on the headline

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The new 'Prince of Bel-Air' will be a drama based on the headline
  • Alfonso Ribeiro, the actor who gives life to Carlton, has assured him that fiction will take a very different course.

No comedy and much more drama. According to Alfonso Ribeiro -the eternal Carlton-, the announced reboot of The Prince of Bel-Air will have nothing to do with the series that we all remember. If what you liked the most was seeing Will Smith wavering his family and everyone he caught ahead, you may not be ready for Bel-Air, the Peacock fiction that will return to the Banks mansion.

It is a completely different thing. It’s a drama. It is not a comedy. I have nothing to do with it so I don’t know much else

“I like to call it reimagining. Sometimes we throw a lot of things into a world, a concept. A ‘reboot’ would take the series and the characters and bring them back. This is a totally different series. based on the theme of the song, “ continues Ribeiro in an interview with E! News. We go by parts because the actor’s statements give several clues.

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The new 'Prince of Bel-Air' will be a drama based on the headline

If you follow the topic of the headline, you will focus on the problems of living in a poor neighborhood in Philadelphia and moving to a neighborhood of wealthy people. It is possible that the series will explore in-depth the origin of the protagonist and the problems he had in his childhood. It didn’t have to be easy walking away from his mother to grow up with a family that was radically different from him. As seen in the original series, the protagonist tries to adapt, but cannot forget where he comes from.

This change has been very well received by the protagonists. ” I appreciate it much more than a reboot. We are going to take a concept and turn it into a different series. We push forward, we try and see what happens,” says Ribeiro. Will Smith must also be in favor, as he produces the return himself. Which, by the way, will have two seasons.

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Since it is a ‘reboot’ it is possible that the cast is made up of new faces and, perhaps, veteran actors only appear in supporting roles or as cameo. However, it is a detail that has not been revealed and we have yet to know officially the involvement of Tatyana Ali, Karyn Parsons, or Daphne Maxwell Reid.

The idea of ​​bringing back The Prince of Bel-Air arose from a fan-trailer that spread like wildfire on YouTube. This piece explored in a dramatic way the problems of growing up in the poorest part of Philadelphia and was very well received by the community. Of course, despite so much drama, we hope that the new Carlton – or Ribeiro himself – can do his legendary dance once again.

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