The Queen Of Flow Season 2: Who’s Who In The Series?

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‘The Queen of Flow 2’: Who is who in the series whose first season you can see on Netflix

The second batch of episodes has already begun to air on Caracol Television, and it is expected that it will soon be available on the platform.

1. Yeimy Montoya.

Carolina Ramirez is the queen of flow, and one of the partners of the successful label Surround vibes. In this second season, Yeimy continues to be devoted to music, but now she dedicates much of her time to taking care of Juancho and Catalina’s son.

Netflix continues to be a box of surprises and, of course, of successes. Successes such as that of the Colombian fiction which has just premiered its second season on Caracol Television. His arrival on the network in the Latin American country has had an excellent reception, and every week the fans await with enthusiasm and loaded with intrigue, the arrival of a new episode.

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However, in the rest of the world, we still have to wait to know what will happen to Yeimy, Juancho, Charly, and the company in this second installment. Netflix knows how to maintain the ‘hype’ and for the moment it has not revealed when it plans to premiere The Queen of Flow 2. We do not know if he will wait for the 80 episodes to be broadcast on Caracol Television, into which the new season is divided; or if, on the contrary, it will follow the launch model that it carries out with other productions such as Castamar and Luis Miguel of which a weekly episode premieres.

While Netflix is speaking, but until then you can take the opportunity to catch up with the first season, already available on the streaming giant, which has a total of 82 episodes. On these lines, we present the protagonists of fiction, so that you have them signed up from today.

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Carolina Ramirez, Andres Sandoval, Carlos Torres, and Diana Wiswel, among others, lead the cast of the series that shows you the other side of reggaeton.

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