The reason Prince Harry is banned from wearing a military uniform at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

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Prince Harry

The Duke of Sussex will wear a suit in the morning at the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth and in the acts prior to the ceremony after he was “prohibited” from wearing his military attire at the farewell.

Prince Harry, who served as a soldier twice in Afghanistan, confirmed the move after speculation on the matter increased ahead of Her Majesty’s final farewell on September 19.

Following the decision, the prince’s spokesman said that “the duke’s decade of service is not determined by the uniform he wears.”

Harry was prevented from wearing his military uniform at the late British monarch’s funeral and farewell ceremonies, although his uncle, Prince Andrew and Duke of York, will be able to do so at the next Vigil of the Princes in Westminster Hall.

Following a flurry of speculation, the Duke of Sussex’s spokesman stated: “(Prince Harry) will wear a morning suit during the events honoring his grandmother. His decade of military service is not determined by the uniform he wears and We respectfully ask that the focus be on the life and legacy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.”

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Harry has always been proud of his time in the armed forces and is said to have been deeply saddened when the queen stripped him of his honorary military roles, including Captain General of the Royal Marines, after he and his wife, the Duchess of Sussex, left Britain for a new life. in United States.

Active royals are only allowed to wear uniforms on five ceremonial occasions and once the prince stepped down from his responsibilities as a member of the British royal family many of his rights and privileges were also revoked. One of them, that of wearing the military uniform in official events, therefore, he will not be able to do so during his grandmother’s funeral.

It is about the religious service in the cathedral of St. Giles in Edinburgh, which took place last Monday and the procession of the coffin to Westminster Hall, the vigil at the site, the funeral in Westminster Abbey and the burial service in Windsor, which will take place in the coming days.

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Prince Andrew will be able to wear his uniform as a “special sign of respect” to the queen when I stand guard over his coffin as part of the Vigil of the Princes.

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