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Will Smith does not stop being news. Since he starred in a scandal at the last edition of the Oscar Awards, the actor has been on everyone’s lips and had to face not only public criticism but also serious consequences.

The Academy made the decision that he will not be able to attend any events related to them for 10 years. This news had such an impact on the actor that, according to several sources, he decided to enter a rehabilitation clinic to work on his anger problems.

In the midst of all these controversies, many details and information about the actor’s life began to come to light. In addition to finding out about his problems with his wife, it was also revealed that he was about to be part of Inception.

Will Smith was going to be the protagonist of Inception?

Inception introduces us to Dom Cobb, a thief who has the uncanny ability to enter people’s dreams and steal all the secrets hidden in their subconscious. His skill made him an important figure in the world of corporate espionage.

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This film was directed by Christopher Nolan and had a cast of great stars. Its main protagonist was Leonardo DiCaprio, who was accompanied by Elliot Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, among others.

Although it is strange to imagine the main character without being played by DiCaprio, the truth is that other actors were also taken into account for the leading role. One of them was Will Smith.

According to information shared by Cinema Blend, during the pre-production of the film Warner Bros considered other actors for the main role. The names that sounded the most were Will Smith and Brad Pitt. Apparently, the first option was the ex-husband of Angelina Jolie. In this way, the director gave him a period of 48 hours to make a decision. Of course, the actor could not answer in time.

For this reason, Will Smith became the main choice to star in Inception. However, the same thing happened to him as Brad and he was also unable to give an answer in the period of time he had been offered. In this way, the paper slipped from his hands.

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The third time was the charm and finally Christopher Nolan got a yes from Leonardo DiCaprio. This is how the Oscar-winning actor starred in this film and received praise from all over the world.

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