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A retro movie will always be welcomed with open arms by viewers. Mainly, because they are productions that make us nostalgic and that, surely, were part of our lives.

Most of the time, these titles accompanied us during our childhoods and gave us unforgettable moments. Without a doubt, they are stories full of great moments and starring iconic characters.

Within the Netflix catalog, users can find many movies that meet these requirements. This time, we will recommend a title that was acclaimed by critics and audiences: The Princess Bride.

The Princess Bride, the retro movie available on Netflix

The Princess Bride, originally known as The Princess Bride, is available within Netflix’s extensive catalog. This retro movie came out in 1987, and became one of Rob Reiner’s greatest hits.

Its wonderful story is based on the homonymous book by William Goldman, which was written in 1973. Of course, one of the keys to its success was its great cast, which is headed by: Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Chris Sarandon, among others.

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The film begins when an old man decides to tell his grandson an old story. As the little boy lies in bed, the grandfather begins to tell an amazing story. Although the boy is bored at first, he quickly becomes more interested in her.

Said tale takes us into the story of Buttercup, a young woman who spends her days on the kingdom’s farm that is located in Florin. In that place she meets Westley, a stable boy whom she always tries to make him angry by ordering him different tasks. However, as they grow, love begins to emerge between them.

One day Wesstley decides to leave the kingdom in order to earn money and marry the beautiful girl, but the bank where he keeps his money ends up being robbed by a pirate. Not knowing anything about him, the young woman thinks that her beloved has died at the hands of the villain. She thus becomes engaged to the evil Prince Humperdinck.

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One day, three strangers decide to kidnap the protagonist in order to overthrow Humperdinck. Upon learning what happened, Westley decides to save Buttercup and begins an alliance with his kidnappers. At the same time he will try to prevent the wedding of his beloved with the prince.

Without a doubt, this film was one of the great successes of the eighties. Due to its good dose of fun and romance, the story continues to surprise viewers.

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