The sequel to ‘I am Legend’ could also be in danger due to the controversy of Will Smith


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These last few days have been crucial for Will Smith’s career, because after the controversial blow to Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscar Awards, the actor and comedian has seen the consequences in the future of his work. It was recently confirmed that a sequel to ‘I Am Legend’ with Michael B. Jordan was on the way, but now it could be in jeopardy.

The consequences of Will Smith’s act were reflected in the projects with Netflix, ‘Bad Boys 4’ and ‘Fast and Loose’, however, that would only be the beginning, as Apple joined confirming that it would not work with the actor, and Warner doing the same, suspending the solo movie of ‘Deadshot’ for the DCEU.

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Just a few weeks ago it was confirmed that work was already being done on the sequel to ‘I Am Legend’, the adaptation of the science fiction novel by Richard Matheson, and that it would have Michael B. Jordan in its cast. Now, Warner Bros., has communicated through Cathal Gunning, in an interview for Screen Rant, thanks to the actor’s image.

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It might interest you: Will Smith’s coup could cancel Bad Boys 4

The article does not make it clear if Warner is thinking of canceling the film, however, after the confirmation that DC and the company have paused ‘Deadshot’, it is possible that they are rethinking the possibility of continuing with this project. , or replace the leading actor of the film.

Changes would come to ‘I am Legend 2’ after controversy with Will Smith

The character description specifies that Will Smith could play a more “peaceful and understanding” version of Robert Neville in ‘I Am Legend 2’, as opposed to the actor’s recent acts. The public’s position towards the figure of Smith has been very rejection in recent days, so the study could seriously consider continuing with the project.

At the moment Warner has not made a clear mention of the plans for ‘I am Legend 2’ with Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan, but it is possible that in the face of the attacks on the actor, the company decides to let time pass, and continue with the production a few months in the future, since the controversy has passed.

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Will Smith’s popularity has declined in recent weeks after the incident at the Oscars, however, he is still one of the most popular actors currently working, so if it is profitable for companies, they may want to continue working with him now. let all the debate around him end.

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