The Squid Game: The two actresses in the series who are very close friends in real life

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The Squid Game: The two actresses in the series who are very close friends in real life

The Squid Game is a program that focuses on hundreds of poor people, who bet their lives on a fleeting opportunity to acquire riches that will change their lives. On paper, the brutal premise might make it seem like Netflix’s South Korean survival drama didn’t come off as a likely candidate for the next big pop culture phenomenon.

In practice, the show’s intricately crafted characters, incredible production values, and a plot that delivers emotional punches at breakneck speed have been more than enough to make it a mega-hit that breaks Netflix records like it’s made of candy. dalgona

The Squid Game is officially Netflix’s biggest debut hit, reaching an audience of 111 million worldwide. The gory show from South Korea follows a group of contestants from different walks of life as they struggle to survive on a twisted game show in hopes of winning a big cash prize.

The main star of the Netflix series that awaits the long-awaited premiere of its second season (still with very little news about it), Lee Yoo-mi, has revealed her close friendship with her co-star Jung Ho-yeon with an Instagram post of the two posing on the set of the hit Netflix show.

Lee Yoo-mi plays Ji-yeong (Issue 240), a young woman who enters the game after being released from prison for killing her abusive father, while her co-star plays Kang Sae-byeok, a North Korean defector. who joins the competition to pay for the reunification of his family.

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The two characters form a bond in the show’s sixth episode when the contestants are paired up and forced to play with marbles to eliminate their partner from the game. As the other players begin to play against each other, Kang Sae-byeok and Ji-yeong spend time talking about their future lives and aspirations. The powerful scene between the two led to the pair bonding off-screen.

“Yoo-mi has more acting experience and is a great actress.”

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