The Starling Release Date, Cast, Synopsis, And Everything You Need To Know

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The Starling: Melissa McCarthy films, whether you like them or not, tend to leave a lasting impression on those who see them. Despite McCarthy’s reputation for humorous sensibility, her new picture, “The Starling,” appears to be abandoning comedy in favor of sincere, tear-jerking drama. Last year, Netflix paid $20 million for the film’s rights, recognizing the opportunity to bolster their indie cred with a big-name leading star, a full cast, and the possibility of some year-end awards love. That last component happens to be still unknown, but read on to learn everything there is to know about “The Starling.”

Netflix has released a list of new movies coming in 2021, and The Starling happens to be one of the more intriguing titles on the list. The Starling happens to be a future American comedy-drama film directed by Theodore Melfi and based on Matt Harris’ screenplay.

The Starling Plot – What Will Happen In “The Starling?”

The Starling tells the narrative of Jack and Lilly Maynard, a married couple. After experiencing a setback, Jack decides to leave to cope with his sadness, while Lilly stays in the real world to deal with her guilt. To make matters worse, a starling that has taken up residence in her backyard starts to annoy and assault her. She kills Starling because she can’t stand the nuisance any longer.

Larry, an eccentric psychologist-turned-veterinarian, use to be consulted by Lilly. Together, they create an unusual and uncommon connection that allows them to examine, acknowledge, and address their issues. The Starling’s script was one of the most popular unproduced scripts on the 2005 Blacklist. Dome Karukoski, according to sources, was assigned to helm the picture in March 2017. According to rumors, the crew was in talks to cast Isla Fisher and Keanu Reeves in the picture. All of these rumors came to an end in June 2019 when it was confirmed that Melissa McCarthy and Chris O’Dowd would feature in the picture, which Theodore Melfi would direct. The three had previously collaborated on the film St. Vincent.

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The Starling – What Is The Priemer Date Of The Starling On Netflix? 

Following the film’s announcement in June 2019, Netflix purchased the distribution rights for $20 million in April 2020. The Starling will have a limited release at the time of the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival on September 17, 2021. After that, has revealed that on September 24, 2021, Netflix will release The Starling. Principal photography for the film began on August 2, 2019, and ended on September 19, 2019. The majority of the filming took place in New York City.

What Trailer Says About The Movie “The Starling”? 

Those who are enthusiastic about the film can get a sneak peek at what to expect from it due to Netflix’s trailer. The trailer depicts a moment when Lilly and Jack Maynard were living together and enjoying a nice time. From their garden, the pair can be seen watching fireworks light up the night sky above them.

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Lilly will be seen with a baby bump, while Jack will be seen gently placing his hand on his wife. However, things change dramatically in the next scene, as Jack is now undergoing treatment at a clinic. Lilly pays him a visit, but first, she sees a glimpse of the heart-breaking moment in the decorated, empty room that was supposed to be their child’s. The loss of their child, which Lilly and Jack were expecting, had an impact on both of them.

Lilly is now alone, but she happens to be joined by a starling who assaults her whenever it has the opportunity. Lilly chooses to put an end to it because she has no other option. At the same time, her friends and coworkers recommended that she see Larry, a psychologist-turned-vet because they were concerned about her changing behavior.

Larry and Lilly teamed up to take out the Starling. They happen to talk about their pain at the same time. Larry gently reminds her that it’s no longer about Katie, their long-lost daughter, but about her and Jack and how they should re-start their relationship. 

The Starling – What Is The Cast Of The Starling?

Chris O’Dowd plays the role of Jack Maynard, and Melissa McCarthy plays the role of Lilly Maynar in The Starling. Timothy Olyphant will play the role of Travis Delp, Kevin Kline will play the role of Larry, Emily Tremaine will play the role of Alice, Rosalind Chao will play the role of Fawn, Elisabeth Rohm will play the role of Nancy Rothwelder, Scott MacArthur will play the role of Ralph, and Veronica Falcón will play the role of Rosario Alvarez.

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Skyler Gisondo, Daveed Diggs, Laura Harrier, Loretta Devine, Jimmy O, and Kimberly Quinn will all be in attendance. Yang appears in the film. Their characters’ names, however, remain unknown. This Netflix film promises to be another terrific story with a promising cast and a storyline that many people have been waiting to see made into a film for a long time.

Melissa McCarthy will star in her third Netflix Original, The Starling. She was most recently seen in the superhero comedy Thunder Force, and before that, she was seen in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, reprising her role as Sookie St. James. Timothy Olyphant is also a Netflix regular. In the horror-comedy Santa Clarita Diet, he plays the role of Ed Joel Hammond. Olyphant also had a guest appearance on NBC’s The Good Place and starred in Fargo’s fourth season.

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