The strange anti-Covid protocol to go to the Kardashian’s house

Samuel Edwards

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The Kardashian family has a lifestyle quite remote from that of any person on the street. Beyond the luxuries that they can afford thanks to the millionaire businesses they have started, they are also known for their eccentricities. The last has to do with the strange anti-Covid protocol that they have established for people who visit them at home.

Let us remember that the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus is still latent and that is why it is necessary to continue with the precautions to avoid infections. The Kardashian family is no exception despite having starred in various controversies for not having respected the recommended measures.

We cannot forget that Kylie Jenner let her best friend Stassie Karanikolau visit her in full confinement; that Kendall Jenner organized a massive birthday party where a mask was not worn and a safety distance was not respected; and that Kim Kardashian threw a celebration of her 40th birthday on a private island with a good group of guests.

In fact, the Kardashian family has continued to travel and attend events despite the situation due to the pandemic, something that has also been criticized on social networks. That is why many have been surprised to learn about the strange security protocol that they have devised to receive visitors at home.

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It was the presenter Andy Cohen who revealed it in an interview with Jimmy Fallon. To carry out a documentary in which Khloé Kardashian participates, the journalist had to go to his home and thus related what the experience was like.

“They took me to a health center and there they did a test, and then I asked the health workers if I had to wait for the results there, but they said no,” explains the man in his television speech.

“They told me that the driver would take me directly to Khloé’s house and that after opening the first door to let us in with the car, if the second one opened, my ‘test’ was negative. If it did not open, I had to return by where I had come from. Of course, when I saw that the second entrance opened its doors, I was excited, because it was the strangest way of knowing that I did not have Covid, “he added to the surprise of the public. Of course, the expenses of the test are borne by the Kardashians.

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