The Suicide Squad breaks record with trailer in first week

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  • The Suicide Squad trailer for adults has surpassed that of Mortal Kombat, snatching the record for views in the first week.
  • The director James Gunn announced on his Twitter account that the uncensored trailer for adults of The Suicide Squad dethroned the one of Mortal Kombat taking the record of traffic in the first week with 150 million views.

This number exceeds the 116 million that had amassed the uncensored trailer of the long-awaited return of Mortal Kombat to the movies and so far this advance of The Suicide Squad has become a trend in 40 YouTube and 28 Twitter markets.

The long-awaited James Gunn film will hit theaters and HBO Max for 31 days on August 6. It is worth mentioning that the streaming service is so confident in the success of the film that it has already commissioned a spin-off series of John Cena’s character, Peace Maker.

This sequel seeks to ‘repair’ the damage that the first film did in the DC film universe since, although it has its followers, it is considered one of the worst.

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The new characters of The Suicide Squad

In this long-awaited sequel, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, and Rick Flag are joined by new characters from DC’s extensive catalog of villains such as BloodSport, Peace Maker, King Shark, Thinker, Solsoria, Javelin, Weasel, Polka Dot Man, Ratcatcher, TDK, Mongal, and Blackguard.

Fans of THE CW series will no doubt recognize King Shark and The Thinker after their appearance in The Flash while Captain Boomerang appeared in this and the Arrow series.

This is how the expectations of fans of the DC film universe rise, who eagerly await the arrival of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad as evidenced by the record of millions of views that his uncensored trailer had after the first week of release. In La Verdad Noticias we will closely follow the arrival of the tape to bring you the latest.

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