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Movies starring teenagers and focused on that stage of life are always a success. Though her stories may have some loose ends at times, she is easily consumed by viewers and entertained throughout her run. On Netflix we can find many movies of this style.

In the catalog of the streaming platform there are original films that were made by the same service, as well as other productions that came out a long time ago.

On this occasion, we decided to highlight a teenage drama that was made in Argentina and that soon caught the attention of the audience. An extremely captivating story that you will not want to miss.

I, a teenager: a drama that you can not miss on Netflix

I, Adolescent is an Argentine dramatic film directed by Lucas Santa Ana. Its cast was led by stars who had just taken their first artistic steps: Renato Quattordio, Malena Narvay, Thomás Lepera and Jerónimo Giocondo Bosia.

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Although its premiere was in 2020 on the channel, Netflix quickly did not hesitate to buy the rights and also launch the film from its catalog. In this way, his fame managed to grow even more by reaching different countries.

This teen drama is set between 2004 and 2005. Thus, it introduces us to Nicolás “Zabo” Zamorano, a teenager who is trying to cope with the death of a friend who committed suicide and the massacre at the Once bowling alley. In this way, he begins to write his daily life in a blog. This will lead him to ask himself some existential questions, provoking an identity crisis in him. His biggest doubt is understanding if he likes women or men.

In order to fully understand his sexual identity, Zabo will begin to explore it by having intimacy and talks with different people, who will ultimately be hurt by feeling used by Nicolás.

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I, a teenager is based on a book written by Zabo Zamorano, who exists in real life and was based on his experiences. In 2005, when Fotolog existed, the current journalist used this network as a personal diary. Years later, he collected each of the entries and created a book.

It could be said that this film, available on Netflix, seeks to portray the adolescent universe very naturally. We will always see everything from the point of view of Zabo, who also officiates as a narrator. A story that is responsible for giving prominence to sexual identity and also to depression, which is always silently present.

Will you give him a chance?

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