The third season of ‘The Boys’ will be so crazy that they could “cancel” them on the internet


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The characteristic of the story of ‘The Boys’ is that it has never stopped to think about what it is about to show or talk about, irreverent like few today. But the third season may go a little further, to the point that they cancel all the minds that created it, so the actor of The Deep believes.

The superhero genre is usually focused on underage and family audiences. However, what Amazon Prime Video did with the Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson comic went further, as the degrees of graphic violence, gore, and adult themes made this series gain worldwide popularity for its originality.

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However, since the announcement of the third season of ‘The Boys’, it has been emphasized that this will be the time that the story is taken as far as possible. Actor Chace Crawford, who plays The Deep, said the new episodes could “cancel” him and the rest of the show’s crew online.

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I remember reading those things [en el guión] and you sent me a text message. And I have to go find him, but I think it was something like, “I don’t know how I’m going to be able to work after this””

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During an interview for Entertainment Weekly, Chace Crawford and Jensen Ackles, who will play Soldier Boy, said that after reading the script for the third season of ‘The Boys’ they were messaging each other, and believed that their careers would be in danger because of the story. of the new episodes.

The third season of ‘The Boys’ will be the wildest

Although it might seem like a joke between the leading actors and actresses, the truth is that when talking about ‘The Boys’ all irreverence seems possible. In the previous chapters we have seen wild moments, but with the arrival of Herogasm in the new season, it may be that what they say is true.

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The showrunner of the series, Erick Kripke, confessed a long time ago that the arrival of Herogasm in ‘The Boys’ opens the possibility of seeing one of the most grotesque and controversial moments seen in the comic, when this character organizes an orgy like never before. seen in television history.

So we can expect that the story of the new episodes of ‘The Boys’, starring Billy Butcher, Kimiko, Hughie, and others, will bring new and unthinkable adventures on June 3 through the Amazon Prime Video platform, and we will be there to prove it.

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