The Tourist release date: Cast, trailer, plot and more

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The Tourist is an intense and nail-biting thriller series that is soon coming on BBC one streaming service on New Year. The series completely looks like an amazing amalgamation of The Bourne trilogy and Spielberg’s Duel, which will follow the show. The series will catch up with the storyline of Jamie Dornan’s who is the man that is desperately trying to piece together his past while avoiding all those people who are trying to stop him.

Jamie Dornan will also be back on the series this New Year in the series The Tourist. The series is created by Jack and Harry Williams. The impressive cast of the series includes Shalom Brune, Daniella Macdonald, and many more.

If you are also excited about the series and want to know all the details of The Tourist, then this article lists all information about this upcoming thriller series.

The Tourist release date

The series will premiere on BB1 in the UK on Saturday 1st January 2022 before airing on the official BBC player. In addition to that, The Tourist will also be premiering on HBO Max in the United States in the upcoming months. At present we don’t have a date for the HBO release but as soon as we get that we will surely let you know. The series has a total of six episodes and all of them will be released on the same day.

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The Tourist plot

The Tourist series has an amazing star-studded cast that includes Jamie Dornan as a British man. Now that British man is driving through the Australian outback when he is driven off on the road by a huge tank truck that crashes his car. Now when he wakes up he is in the hospital and he finds out that he no longer remembers who he is and why he was in Australia.

On the top of Amnesia, the man also had many shady figures from the past that pursues him towards an unforgiving outback. The BBC has also teased a little about the plot of the series that says: “Full of shocking, surprising, funny and brutal turns, The Tourist is set in a world populated by quirky, enigmatic characters and off-beat black comedy punctuates high-stakes action,”.

“At its heart, however, is a story of self-discovery with a ticking time-bomb underneath: as The Man starts to uncover the mystery of who he was, he’s also forced to ask who he is now – and fasts. Will he unlock the secrets of his identity before those who are trying to kill him catch up with him?”

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The Tourist cast

The Tourist cast is led by one of the most prominent actors Jamie Dornan as The Man. The actor is best known for his role as Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey Franchise. Jamie is also known for his work in The Fall, New Worlds, and Private War. He is joined by the famous Australian actor Danielle Macdonald who plays Helen Chambers a probationary constable working on his case.

Other cast members in the series include Line of Duty’s Shalom Brune-Franklin (Luci Miller), The Cry’s Alex Dimitriades (Kosta Panigiris), The Missing’s Ólafur Darri Ólafsson (Billy Nixon), and Mindhunter’s Damon Herriman (Detective Inspector Lachlan Rogers).

There was also news Hugo Weaving was originally set to play the characters of Rogers, now due to scheduling conflicts he had to drop out of the project. So now with Herriman replacing him.

 Trailer for The Tourist

Finally and luckily we do have a trailer for the series The Tourist and it totally features explosions, guns, and helicopters all around. The trailer begins with The Man driving along with the Outback singing to the radio before the truck shockingly crosses into him. In another view, he later sits sipping a beer he says,  “Why would somebody want me dead?”. In the series, we then got glimpses of various other characters of the series that include Helen, Luci who sees The Man lying in his hospital bed suffering from amnesia and the ominous words What He Doesn’t Know Could Kill Him shines on the screen. The trailer is inquisitive enough to light sparks in the mind of viewers.

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The Tourist is going to air on BBC One on 1st January 2022. Will you be watching it? Are you excited? Tell us in the comments section below.

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