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There seem to be many edges in the recent news of the fall of Netflix. And beyond their own decisions such as decisions regarding content (failed series, cancellations or removal from the catalog of iconic titles) or the increase in rates, an important component is also the advance in quantity and quality of the content of their competitors.

And one of the most important is Amazon Prime Video. The US giant, led by Jeff Bezos, has incredible availability and, in addition to producing better and better content, has great titles from recent years.

In this case, we bring a dramatic thriller from 2011, directed by the acclaimed Lynne Ramsay, Scottish filmmaker responsible for the gem Morvern Callar and the most recent You Were Never Really Here, among other works that led her to be part of the jury of festivals Class Like the one in Cannes or the one in Venice.

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We Need to Talk About Kevin tells the story of Eva, played by Tilda Swinton, and her husband Franklin, played by John C. Reilly. She, a recognized and complete author and editor of travel guides; he, a successful advertising photographer. They have a life that seems perfect. After many years of doubts and close to 40, they decide to have a child.

What seems to be the end of an ideal life gradually mutates into a horror story. Kevin (the controversial but talented Ezra Miller in his teens and Jasper Newell as a child) is a very particular person. Very clever for his age, with attitudes bordering on evil, he is in permanent conflict with his mother, Eva. What’s worse, it seems to hide something that terrifies him.

Ramsay is an author who is characterized by questioning situations or decisions that normalize our system. What in most fictions, but also in our lives, would be an idyllic, normal situation or an easy decision, she transforms it into the opposite. That is the main virtue of this film. She not only questions her own idealizations (Is there one stronger than that of motherhood as a norm?), but she also manages to confront us with the fact that the main one targeted as an antihero is a child or an adolescent.

In addition, and almost as obvious for this cast, the actors display the right dose of minimalism and gestures, in a film that transmits a lot through their looks. Tilda Swinton performs one of her best roles, Miller shows that beyond her latest controversies, she is a first-rate actor. And of course Reilly’s track record is demonstrated in every scene we see him in.

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We need to talk about Kevin is a first-rate, captivating, unique and unmissable film, available on the Amazon Prime Video platform.

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