The Walking Dead: Creator Doesn’t Wants To End The Series

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The Walking Dead: Creator Doesn't Wants To End The Series
  • The Walking Dead will see a conclusion anytime soon
  • The remaining two episodes of the 10th season will premiere in the next few months
  • A final Season 11 is yet to have a release date

The Walking Dead is approaching its final stretch, but not only seasonal but also the final one. The remaining two episodes of the tenth installment will lead to a few months of waiting before the premiere of the 11th and final season of the series, so Robert Kirkman, author of the comic book saga on which the AMC fiction is inspired, has shared how you feel about it.

He has done so in statements to ComicBook with which he has wanted to make it clear that he does not consider that the zombie phenomenon is coming to an end, really. After all, according to Kirkman, the franchise is still very much alive with other projects, present, and future. On the one hand, those that have already been underway for some time, such as the ‘spin-off’ Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond, but also the already confirmed futures: Tales of The Walking Dead and the still-untitled focused on Carol and Daryl. Kirkman also has the Rick Grimes ( Andrew Lincoln ) -a center film that will be released in theaters in 2022.

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Thus, Kirkman is right when it comes to not perceiving the end of The Walking Dead as an outcome in capital letters: “I have not thought about the end of ‘The Walking Dead’, to be honest. But because it is still very far”, assures. In addition to the two remaining episodes of the current installment, we are 24 more chapters away from the final outcome of the original series in 2022.

At the same time, we are talking about the Carol and Daryl series and there are different ways that ‘The Walking Dead’ is still alive. So I’m afraid ending season 11 is somehow not really an ending.
Still, Kirkman admits to getting ‘sad’ when they make him think about it but is calm and confident that the matter is in the right hands: “This is something Angela Kang is working very hard on. We have had some conversations with her and Scott [Gimple] on the direction things are taking for the farewell and what aspects of the comic should or shouldn’t be used. I’m excited to see what Angela does and I’m confident that she’s going to do something awesome because that’s what What does she do”.

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