‘The Walking Dead’ finishes recording the last chapter, and the imminent end draws near


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For more than 10 years, the AMC series ‘The Walking Dead’ has become one of the most famous and has marked a watershed in the stories of the undead, but this 2022 will finally present its final chapter, which has already finished its recordings and the outcome is imminent.

With a publication through social networks, ‘The Walking Dead’ has confirmed to the public that the recordings of the final chapter of part 3 of season 11 have finally concluded, which means that after several years of work, this series has concluded its production and this time it is forever, because at the end of the year it will say goodbye to its fans.

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It should be noted that at the moment the release date of this third and last part of the final season does not yet have a release date defined by AMC, so we will have to keep waiting a little longer to be able to schedule it on the calendar, however it is a fact that it will be presented this year, after the second part comes to an end.

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The broadcast of the second part of the final season of ‘The Walking Dead’ is currently taking place, with the premiere of a new chapter every Sunday through Star+ for all of Mexico and Latin America, and once it comes to an end , the premiere date for the next story showing the conclusion will be revealed.

‘The Walking Dead’ comes to an end, but the universe remains on AMC

The outcome of the mother series of zombies is imminent and this year it will reach the small screen, but this does not mean that the story ends completely, because the AMC network has confirmed that the zombie universe will remain alive on the screen, the hand of different spin offs such as ‘Fear The Walking Dead’.

However, there are several surprises for the fans that are already prepared, such as the new spin off series titled ‘Tales of The Walking Dead’, which is a 6-episode anthology about the apocalypse, which will tell completely new stories; And as if that were not enough, the network has confirmed that Negan and Maggie will enter a solo series, called ‘Isle of the Dead’.

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Finally, it has been confirmed for several months that Carol and Daryl, two of the most beloved characters of ‘The Walking Dead’, will also be the protagonists of a new spin-off series, although at the moment that production is kept secret, as well as others that have not been announced but that will undoubtedly continue to expand the AMC universe.

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