The Walking Dead Season 11B: The last scene that disgusted Lauren Cohan

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The Walking Dead Season 11B: The last scene that disgusted Lauren Cohan

The Walking Dead Season 11 Part 2 finale featured some completely shocking plot twists for Maggie Rhee (played by Lauren Cohan) and Negan Smith (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), after both characters began to trust each other. the other unexpectedly. Forgetting all the things Negan had done in the past and the cruel murder of her husband Glenn (Steven Yeun). For this reason, the same actress revealed that she disgusted her.

Recall that in the exciting conclusion to the season 11 midseason titled, Acts of God, Maggie is drawn to Leah (Lynn Collins) the last survivor of the Reapers. Leaving the colonies vulnerable and dominated by the Commonwealth (Commonwealth). However, in those final episodes Maggie reveals that her hostility towards Negan is finally beginning to waver after entrusting him with the care of her son, Hershel (Kien Michael Spiller).

Later, Maggie, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), Aaron (Ross Marquand), and Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) meet with Negan to plan an attack on the Commonwealth. However, in this same scene it is the one that has been generating controversy between some fans and the actress herself, after her character said some shocking lines that caused everyone annoyance:

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“You saved him in Riverbend. No matter what happens, and no matter what happens, I will never forget it,” says Maggie.

The redeemed Negan has finally begun to prove himself as an ally to the Hilltop and the colonies after his fights with the Whisperers and the Reapers. However, the scene caused Maggie’s actress, Lauren Cohan, some discomfort because she didn’t like her character becoming attached to him over the brutal death of her husband Glenn.

“It’s like, ‘Ugh, this is this moment, and this is what it is, but I’m going alone, and I have to finish this, and you have to take care of my son. And in this scene you’re the best person for it.”

But, Negan not only defeated the leader of the Alpha Whisperers (Samantha Morton) in the previous season, but he has also struck up tentative friendships with several key survivors of the Hilltop, slowly gaining the trust of all the characters. fan favorites on The Walking Dead.

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“I absolutely hated it, it grossed me out. I was like, ‘I think the reason I hate this is also why she hates it.’ ‘She’ is Maggie,” Cohan said during his interview for EW.

Interestingly, the friendship of both seems to be much stronger and will gradually become stronger, something that will be explored in the spin-off that is being prepared for them in The Walking Dead Isle of the Dead, in which both characters will be the protagonists. . So, without a doubt, Cohan will feel much more disgust than he did with this simple scene.

Although fans are still wondering how the third part of The Walking Dead season 11 will end, with which the program will be closed once and for all after 12 years of continuous transmission.

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