The Walking Dead: The villain Alpha will be back in the zombie universe of AMC


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In season 9 and 10 of ‘The Walking Dead’, the successful AMC series, actress Samantha Morton was present to bring to life the fearsome Alpha, a villain who replaced Jeffrey Dean Morgan after Negan became a character secondary; and this 2022 will be back in the zombie apocalypse story.

It is important to remember that the leader of The Whisperers lost her life at the hands of Negan, so it is impossible for her to have her return in AMC’s mother series unless it is as a ghost or memory of someone, and she could even do it in a flashback as Lydia, her daughter, is becoming more and more prominent now that she is a friend of Maggie.

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Interestingly, ‘The Walking Dead’ will not be the series where Samantha Morton returns as Alpha, but rather the spin off ‘Tales of The Walking Dead’, according to a recent report by The Hollywood Reporter, where it is indicated that the actress will participate in one of the episodes of this anthology of the apocalypse.

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The report also notes that Terry Crews, Parker Posey, Jillian Bell, Anthony Edwards, Poppy Liu, Olivia Munn, Danny Ramirez, Loan Chabanol, Embeth Davidtz and Jessie T. Usher will be part of the main cast of ‘Tales of The Walking Dead’ , which will have 6 chapters that plan to expand the zombie universe of AMC’s mother series.

It should be noted that the role that Samantha Morton will have in this story is unknown, however, it is a fact that she will be present again on television as the fearsome Alpha, who gave the story a sinister and creepy turn with those dead masks living beings and a dark way to mingle in a great horde.

‘Tales of The Walking Dead’ a zombie anthology that arrives in 2022

At the moment not many details have been released about this AMC spin-off series that promises to be a great success, however it is known that it will be a 6-episode anthology that could be far from ‘The Walking Dead’ or could be very connected with his past, so we will have to keep waiting to know each of the chapters.

On the other hand, AMC announced some time ago that it intends to launch the premiere of ‘Tales of The Walking Dead’ during the summer of this year, just before the third and last part of the mother series, which will reach its final conclusion after the last chapter of season 11, which will hit the small screen in a few months.

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