The Walking Dead: This Is Why Season 11 Will Be Special!

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More than 150 episodes later, the eleventh installment of zombie fiction still has surprises in store. The first batch of 8 episodes premieres on August 22.

Season 11 of The Walking Dead is much more than the delivery will put the finishing touches on the long path of zombie fiction. It will also be the one that lays the foundations for the future of certain characters that still have a place in the franchise – those already confirmed and those that could arrive – and it will also be the last opportunity for the team now led by Angela Kang to offer viewers the best possible story. One that, despite having lost millions of viewers along the way, is the best tribute to a series that has made us enjoy a genre that until its premiere in 2010 was not considered by the general public.

When the tenth installment of the series ended a few weeks ago with the broadcast of its six additional episodes, the team had already been back on set for a while and in full swing with the new episodes and, although we expected them later, it will premiere end of August at AMC and Fox in our country.

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Thus, with part of the work already advanced, the team speaks with knowledge of the facts when it comes to warning that what is coming promises to be quite powerful. Recently the ‘showrunner’ Angela Kang assured that the new episodes would return to what made the series triumph in the past and, although she meant that they would return to the coral that was not possible in the third part of season 10, it increased in the fans the hopes that season 11 would once again be The Walking Dead in its purest form: without filler and loaded with action.

Now, the latest news points out that season 11 will host things we’ve never seen on the series. This has been assured by the head of content of the franchise Scott Gimple talking about the first episode of the final season, the first of the 24 that make it up, and which will be released on August 22 on its original network.

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The first episode is insane. I can’t expect people to see it. Is big. It is very very big. I do not want to say much, but things happen that have never been seen in the series.
“When Angela [Kang] started talking to me about it, I was immediately excited,” Gimple continues. “It’s something that hasn’t been seen on the show yet. Even after the number of episodes we’ve done, 153 so far. And that’s a pretty cool thing.”

And it is that, without a doubt, that The Walking Dead regains the ability to surprise us more than a decade later, is a great reason to look forward to the final season.

After six episodes focused on personal stories of the characters and that did not advance too much in the central plot of the story, in the last installment of the series we will see how the characters continue to recover from the confrontation against the Whisperers. Maggie ( Lauren Cohan ) has returned, along with her son and some new companions, but they are pursued by a new group of villains that they will have to face. For her part, the former Hilltop leader has to face the fact that Negan is now free and a full member of the community, something she is not willing to give up. On the other hand, Eugene and company have come across the Commonwealth, a very important community in comics that we are looking forward to learning more about., but that we can guarantee that it is not like any other that we have seen.

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