The Walking Dead: This will be the return of The Reapers

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The Walking Dead: Así será el regreso de Los Segadores

A new preview of the final season of The Walking Dead. Don’t miss your first look at The Reapers.

The Walking Dead It will finally return on August 22, and will be in charge of broadcasting the last episodes of its final season. Without a doubt, fans are very eager to see how the famous zombie series will end. As we get closer to the release date, it was announced that The Reapers are back.

Due to the pandemic, one-tenth of the AMC He went through a rather complicated 2020. These episodes, which were commissioned to complete the delivery in March of this year, introduced us to The Reapers. It is about a group of villains who tormented the former Hilltop leader in the past and who have extensive military training. And now they are back in The Walking Dead!

The return of the Reapers

One of the members of The Reapers attacked Maggie and Daryl in one of the episodes of The Walking Dead. Recently, producer Denise Huth spoke about Pope, one of the members of the group. “Maggie doesn’t know what it means for Pope to mark her, we don’t know what that means, but it’s really creepy.”

“I think it’s really interesting to see Maggie, Cole and Elijah being scared. That characters so strong, so good and so fighters are afraid shows that what they are going to face is at a completely different level ”, assured. Of course, The Reapers will not be the only villains of the season, since in “A Certain Doom” We saw that Eugene, Yumiko, Princess, Ezekiel and Stephanie are surrounded by soldiers in white armor.

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According to the showrunner of The Walking Dead, this last group is the Commonwealth. “They have created these semi-automatic weapons with bayonet tips, so everything points to a very different type of group from the Whisperers, who like to commune with nature.” contributed.


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