The Walking Dead: What We Suspected Of Michonne’s Ending In The Drama Comics

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The Walking Dead: What We Suspected Of Michonne's Ending In The Drama Comics

With the eleventh and final season of The Walking Dead drawing ever closer, fans have been talking about the various characters that have been leaving the show. Above all, because of the ending of the comics on which the series is based. Although Michonne (played by Danai Gurira) is still alive but missing on screen, in the comic book version of her something very different happens to her.

In the comics version, Michonne was portrayed as someone who was unhappy with her life before the whole world went to hell, she had to face the scourge of zombie hordes to discover that she was made for something more. Her story, more than anyone else’s, established the resilience of humanity and what was needed to move forward during the crisis.

Michonne barely speaks and her camouflage to navigate the world, they were two zombies that have been rendered harmless after having their limbs cut off and their teeth removed, is effective but terrifying, to prevent both the living and the dead from getting too close to her. Something that viewers could see in the television series The Walking Dead.

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However, the way the story unfolded on screen and in the comics was totally different. In fact, the same creator Robert Kirkman, made a kind of tribute to the character on the cover of his comics, to demonstrate the way in which Michonne changed over the years becoming the leader.

“How many hours are there in a day that you don’t spend half of them watching TV? When was the last time any of us REALLY worked for something we wanted?

“In a world ruled by the dead, we are forced to finally begin to live.”

As she opens up to more of society, makes new relationships, and takes on a mantle of leadership in the new world, she discovers what she and much of society were missing in their previous lives. Which is why Kirman decides to demonstrate the lessons Michonne learned throughout her story.

In volume 193 of The Walking Dead comics, readers watched it all flash forward several decades, in a world that seems to be completely normal, with Carl on his own farm. With Maggie and her son Herschel living near him, while Michonne leads the community with a kind of parliament and judges to keep everyone in the community calm.

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