The Walking Dead: Who Is Deaver? The New Character Everyone Is Talking About

A mysterious new character arrives in the final stretch of ‘The Walking Dead’: Who is Deaver?

Season 11 of The Walking Dead points to the top to close paying homage to a history of more than 10 years and it’s full of most big hits. The ‘showrunner’ of the series, Angela Kang, has promised “tons of zombies and action” and that she will avoid filling in the final stretch, but, in addition, the plots that appear on the horizon are really interesting. Mainly due to the entry into the scene of the Commonwealth, a new and evolved community, which will also allow the incorporation of new and interesting characters.

There are a few months to meet them, but we can already tell you about one of them: Deaver, a mysterious character that we do not know, at least by that name, from Robert Kirkman’s comics and who will be played by Jacob Young, a very popular actor in the United States. for his role on a well-known daily series, The Bold and the Beautiful.

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Who is Deaver?

The details about the character are kept completely secret, which leads us to think that, perhaps, he has a fundamental weight in the plot or hides an unexpected surprise behind his unknown name. As followers of Robert Kirkman’s work know, there is no character that goes by that name in the comics, which could be due to two options:1) that it is a completely new character and designed for The Walking Dead, or 2) that it is an important character already known whose incorporation into the story is hidden behind a false name.

The second option undoubtedly seems feasible. The entry into the scene of the Commonwealth involves the introduction of important characters that we already met in the comics, although so far it has only been confirmed that Michael James Shaw will be Mercer, leader of the military corps of the new community. While we want to know who will be in charge of playing the leader of the new Safe Zone, Pamela Milton, some already point to the possibility that Deaver is actually Sebastian, her son.

At the moment, everything is conjecture. With the premiere of the first part set for August and filming at full throttle, it’s only a matter of time before we learn new details about the new characters in season 11 of The Walking Dead.

The first part of the latest installment of zombie fiction premieres on AMC and simultaneously from Fox Spain on August 22.

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