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Amazon Prime Videos is known for dropping sudden entertainment-packed bombs to stun the audience. Following its trend, the streaming platform back in December 2020 delivered a breath-taking show titled, “The Wilds” to the audience. The story follows the deadly scenario after a plane crash and features the amalgamation of eight adolescent ladies left behind in a truly remote area. The plot, screenplay, direction, and major pieces of “The Wilds” got huge praise from the audience and the show also managed to bag some good reviews from the critics.

Maybe, the sneak peek of the show is similar and natural like “Lord of the Flies”, however, that is where the similarities end. As the story proceeds, the show introduces us to a fresh plot with the most entertaining characters, offering us an edge of pure thrill and entertainment. With the arrival of season 1, the netizens are excited to explore more out of the story and get some truly shocking twists in the sequel. So, will there be a new installment for “The Wilds”? If yes, when will the new season drop? Here is everything we know about “The Wilds” Season 2.

The Wild Sneak Peek

The story of “The Wild” features a fatal accident involving eight young ladies. Before the life-threatening incident took place, the ladies revealed that they were on the way to Hawaii, where they will gather for a program titled the Dawn of Eve, an event for women empowerment. Here the creator tries to stress equality for women and gave the crowd a few moments of pride. Though the ladies were happy to be a part of such a program, destiny has its own plans.

The plane they were traveling on eventually crashed. The moment the plane crash and they were left on a mysterious yet vacant island alone, the ladies ignored the reason they boarded on the plane. In the moments of chaos, suddenly a bunch of unusual events started surrounding them, leaving them stunned.

As the story of Season 1 reached its climax, it was crystal clear that the ladies were not left on the island accidentally, but it was something pre-planned as they noticed some adults monitoring them closely. In the closing minutes of “The Wilds” Season 1, we witness an observation screen highlighting an encounter of neglected young men. As we penetrate deeper into the scene, a record reveals that it was a test titled, “The Twilight of Adam.” So, what’s next?

Season 1 of “The Wilds” is truly exciting with all pieces of entertainment. The first season follows the young ladies and showcases their struggles to formulate a way out of the unknown island. Season 1, consisting of 10 scenes, turned out to be a huge achievement for Amazon Prime. The audience showered their positive reviews and likes on the show, turning it to a big hit. So, now the fans are eager for the next installment of the show. So, when is the new season of “The Wilds” landing on Amazon Prime? Here is everything about “The Wilds” Season 2?

“The Wilds” Season 2 Renewal Status – Will There Be A Sequel?

“The Wilds” Season 1 has ignited tons of mysteries the fans are unaware of. With the climax scene revealing “The Twilight of Adam,” it’s now time to explore deeper into the plot. So, with season 1 leaving multiple loopholes in the story, Season 2 was something pre-confirmed. Amazon Prime Video, on the immense success of “The Wilds” Season 1 has shown the green light to the next season. However, the filming schedule of season 1 has suffered multiple delays due to covid-19 and other undisclosed reasons. So, we hope with things slowly and steadily getting back to normal we will get the new season really soon.

“The Wilds” Season 2 Release Date – When Will Amazon Prime Deliver The Latest Season?

Though the streaming giant, Amazon Prime has successfully renewed the show for Season 2, unfortunately, the platform has not yet revealed the official premiere date of “The Wilds” Season 2. The production of “The Wilds” Season 2 faced multiple delays due to the pandemic. However, in April 2021, it finally kick started. The makers confirmed the start of its filming by sharing an official video on their Twitter handles.

The creators also passed some sneak peeks, revealing the filming location of “The Wilds” Season 2. They quoted that the filming work will pass on to Queensland, Australia, after they wrap up the shooting in New Zealand.

So, with the filming work running at a commendable pace, we can expect the new season of “The Wilds” to land in mid-2022. Provided the production work runs as per schedule, we will get to see the new season really soon.

“The Wilds” Season 2 Cast – Who Will Be In Season 2?

Though the climax of “The Wilds” Season 1 raised certain questions on the comeback of many characters in Season 2, the main royal cast will surely return in the next part. The troop of survivors including Shannon Berry as Dot Campbell, Mia Healey as Shelby Goodkind, Helena as Nora Reid, Sarah Pidgeon as Leah Rilke, Erana as Toni Shalifoe, Sophia Ali as Fatin Jadmani, Jenna Clause as Martha Blackburn and Reign Edwards as Rachel Reid, will make a comeback in “The Wilds” Season 2.

The new season will also mark a comeback of Daniel Faber (David Sullivan), Dean Young (Troy Winbush) and Gretchen Klein (Rachel Griffiths). While “The Wilds” Season 2 will introduce some new characters including Nicholas Coombe as Josh Herbert, Reed as Scotty Simms, Tanner Ray Rook as Bo Leonard, Miles Gutierrez-Riley as Ivan, Alex as Seth Novak, Charles Alexander as Kirin O’Conner, Zack Calderon as Rafael Garcia, Aidan Laprete as Henry Tanaka, and Alex as Seth Novak.

“The Wilds” Season 2 Trailer – Is There Any Trailer For Season 1?

The official trailer of “The Wilds” Season 2 is not yet disclosed. However, we believe the makers will release a trailer soon in the upcoming months. So, make sure to stay connected with us as we will update you as soon as the trailer is revealed. Till then, you can enjoy the amazing “The Wilds” Season 1 bloopers video here –


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