The Witcher Season 3: What we suspected about the new character outside the book

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The Witcher Season 3: What we suspected about the new character outside the book

Netflix platform producers have added actor Robbie Amell to the cast of The Witcher season 3, which has been raising more questions about the show’s fidelity to the drama books that were created by Andrzej Sapkowski. But, this is exactly the character that this new star will have and the way that he deviates from the adaptation of him.

Amell joined the cast as an original character named Gallatin, who leads an army of guerrilla fighters called the Scoia’tael, who fight on behalf of Nilfgaard. Unafraid to tell the truth about him, Gallatin’s loyalty to his people ultimately puts him on a collision course with Francesca (Mecia Simson) for power.

According to the information that the Netflix platform has been offering, the addition of Gallatin is a continuation of Francesca’s arc, which means that the television show will continue to go its own way and move away from the drama books, which will generate more complaints from fans of novels and video games.

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Additionally, the book’s inaccuracy is seen as a lack of trust in the world Sapkowski built and a lack of proper appreciation of the characters and concepts he brought into play, meaning that this new character being brought into the universe will increase. fan complaints on The Witcher season 3.

Recall that the first season managed to obtain an audience score of 90 percent, while the second installment of The Witcher, only obtained 60 percent, according to the Rotten Tomatoes website. Which means that bringing more changes to the story of the show will cause the viewership numbers to drop a bit more, which could lead to the cancellation of the drama.

Francesca’s story takes place in a corner of the world that Geralt of Rivia (played by Henry Cavill) didn’t directly interact with in many books, meaning the central arc is unaffected by the additions. But, it could have unexpected plot twists and notable changes.

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In fact, in our previous The Witcher note, there was talk of the other change that season 3 of the drama will bring, especially for another cast member joining the show and that his character should be a boy who will become a prince, but Netflix will totally change it for an adult and it has been generating confusion.

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