This clever app turns the MacBook Pro’s TouchBar into a virtual pet

Itziar Morte

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Recently, we came across a news report that brought out the true and unique purpose of the Macbook’s Touch bar. Yes, you read that right. The true purpose of your Macbook’s touchpad is completely not what you think at present. The thin strip of the MacBook is located the above physical keyboard in the MacBook. It is currently clear that Apple’s lofty ambitions have really been put to not. But according to our resources, it’s not out yet as of now. 

If you are a child who belongs to the 80s or 90s era, then you might have surely been always fond of virtual pets. Then this news might be of interest to you. Touch Bar Pet is a work in progress virtual pet that developer Grace Avery created. The main reason behind this innovation is his aim to bring back the concept of a virtual pet. However, the virtual pet era’s coming back should feature in Apple’s Pricey MacBook Pro. 

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Version 0.5 of Touch Bar Pet includes many features pulled directly from one of the most iconic virtual pets: Tamagotchi. Now, the pet starts as a child and grows into an adult, and all you have to do is to feed it regularly. There are also some instances where you mandatorily need to clean up your pet. All you have to do is make sure that you don’t pet it when it’s snapping or grumpy. 

If this technology comes in to feed your digital pet, you tap on the Touch Bar to drop its food. The same actions will also clean up its poop while tapping on the creature allows you to pet it. TouchBar Pet is quite much compatible with macOS 10.14 and is very much higher. There are also plans to add more and more features to the updates. 

The major downside of this Touch Bar virtual pet experience is the application’s window that needs to be open and visible for it to run if you wish to touch or test out the true purpose of Apple’s Touch Bar so you can download the Touch Bar with the help of this link. 

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