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The Devil Wears Fashion became one of the audience’s favorite films. The production landed on the big screen in 2006, quickly achieving success. Its popularity was so great that it is still valid today.

The cast of this film was one of its strengths. In the skin of Miranda Priestly we found Meryl Streep, who introduced us to an independent woman who owns the prestigious magazine Runway. While the main role was played by Anne Hathaway, who until now had not starred in a blockbuster movie like this one. The actress played Andy, a recent college graduate with big dreams.

The very original and entertaining plot managed to keep viewers fascinated from start to finish. In addition, the beautiful and fashionable wardrobe of each of the characters also played a very important role.

The expensive wardrobe of The Devil Wears Fashion

Behind the costumes of The Devil Wears Fashion was Patricia Field, a very famous stylist who did an impeccable job. So much so, that she even received an Oscar nomination for Best Costume Design. The truth is that before the film she had already achieved several successes. The stylist had left her mark on very popular shows where clothes played an important role, such as Gossip Girl and Sex and the city.

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Throughout the film, the characters in the story wear clothing from renowned designers such as Chanel, Valentino, Donna Karan, Vivienne Westwood, Prada and Dolce and Gabbana. Of course, the shoes also played an important role in the scenes.

Those who saw The Devil Wears Fashion will remember the iconic scene of Andy Sachs arriving at the office in his new look. In addition to having a wonderful outfit, he also wears boots that everyone fell in love with. These boots belong to Chanel and were designed by Karl Lagerfeld himself, who decided to honor Coco Chanel and her passion for this type of shoe. Before appearing in the film, they had already been worn by supermodel Claudia Schiffer.

In this way, the film featured garments from designers who continue to be important today. Although there is no look that was more expensive than another, it is known that the wardrobe cost a million dollars. Thus becoming the most expensive in the history of cinema!

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