This is Us season 6 episode 13: Will Sophie be at Kate Pearson’s second wedding?

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This is Us season 6 episode 13: Will Sophie be at Kate Pearson's second wedding?

This Is Us, the family drama from the NBC broadcast network that has followed the Pearsons since January 2016, is wrapping up its season 6 as it wraps up the respective story arcs of each of its characters, but they are also anxiously awaiting the return of a character (Spoiler for episodes 12 and 13)

With episode 12 airing this Tuesday, This Is Us fans were left heartbroken. The installment titled ‘Katoby’, finally showed on the screen the breakup between Kate and Toby, as it had been foreshadowed at the end of season 5. Now, the daughter of Jack and Rebecca will marry for the second time in the family drama and it is for That is why many viewers are wondering if her best friend Sophie will be present at the ceremony.

This Is Us season 6 episode 13 titled “Day of the Wedding” will air next week on NBC and it will be Kate’s second wedding that will be at the center of the story. Most likely, some characters related to the Pearson family’s past will return, and among them fans could see Sophie.

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According to the promo for the next installment of Ths Is Us, Rebecca’s condition is rapidly starting to worsen. Meanwhile, there’s a bit of mystery surrounding Kevin’s date for the weekend. It seems that it is not Madison despite the hopes that many hold based on previous expectations, so could it be Sophie who escorts Kevin to the wedding?

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 13 Trailer – Kate’s Wedding

This Is Us fans know that Alexandra Breckenridge’s character Sophie has been in another relationship, so there’s no assurance that she and Kevin are about to rekindle the love they once had. However, she seems like she will at least be at Kate’s wedding. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Chrissy Metz confirms:

“I mean, they have been trying to rekindle their friendship and yes, she will be there. It’s just that we don’t know who she’s going to be there with.”

It is not known if Sophie will appear with her love interest, but Kate’s interpreter confirmed that Alexandra Breckenridge will return to life as her character in the 13th episode of the NBC family drama. And although the fact that she is at the wedding will surely not be a surprise to anyone, the intrigue lies in the person who will be accompanying Kevin during the ceremony.

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