This Is Us Season 6: Kate’s second wedding and complications in episode 13 trailer

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This Is Us Season 6: Kate's second wedding and complications in episode 13 trailer

This Is Us, the hit family drama that premiered on the NBC broadcast network in January 2016, is coming to an end with the emotional sixth season heading to its conclusion which is scheduled for the last days of may. And as expected, Kate’s second wedding after her split from Toby is confirmed to take place with episode 16 next Tuesday, April 19. (Episode 16 spoiler)

This Is Us fans learned at the end of season 5 that Kate Pearson was getting married for the second time. But the hardest part of this was knowing that she would be separated from Toby, a definitive breakup that was chronicled in episode 12 which aired last Tuesday. The viewers’ favorite couple finally broke up and went their separate ways.

Now, with Kate and Toby divorced, Rebecca and Jack’s daughter is preparing for her wedding to Phillip, as shown in the promotional trailer for the thirteenth episode of the sixth and final season of This Is Us. Undoubtedly, there is plenty of emotion since this is one of the most anticipated moments of the concluding stage of the successful family drama of the NBC network.

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One of the biggest questions that This Is Us fans have regarding Kate’s wedding so far is who will attend the ceremony. It is confirmed that her best friend and love interest from Kevin’s past, Sophie, will be present, but what is not yet known is if she will be accompanied by her husband or will have a reunion with Kevin’s brother. girlfriend.

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 13 Trailer, Kate’s Wedding and Rebecca’s Complication

And it is that according to the advance, it seems that not everything will be joy on the day of the wedding. Things start to get complicated with Rebecca. In a new interview with Variety, This Is Us star Chrissy Metz notes that during the wedding, “there’s a lot of fun times, but also, as you see Rebecca decline, that’s starting to be really complicated and emotional.”

Evidence of this appears in the trailer for episode 13 when Miguel is clearly struggling with the fact that Rebecca is asking about Jack. And as for Sophie’s return to reunite for this special Pearson moment, Chrissy Metz also had a few things to say about it, hinting that she might be bringing someone along.

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“She and Kate have rekindled their friendship, which is really fun and great. She’s definitely invited. We’ll see who she brings if she comes.”

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