This Is Us Season 6: Who is the wedding singer and what does it have to do with Kevin

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This Is Us Season 6: Who is the wedding singer and what does it have to do with Kevin

This Is Us is the most successful family drama on television in recent decades. Premiering in January 2016, the series that follows the lives of the members of the Pearson family led by Jack and Rebecca, is concluding with the sixth and final season through the NBC broadcast network, while closing the story arcs of each of his characters.

In the most recent two episodes of This Is Us season 6, the Dan Fogelman-created series for NBC focused its stories on Kate and Toby in the midst of their dramatic breakup that ended in divorce. The fans also had the opportunity to see how they went their own ways and so far are happy with their new lives.

However, one of the characters that has This Is Us fans worried is Kevin Pearson. Due to the mistakes made in the past when it comes to love relationships, Justin Hartley’s character is currently alone. While Jack and Rebecca’s son hasn’t been on the best of behavior with any of his partners, some fans believe he will eventually find true love.

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This Is Us season 6 episode 13 brought back an old love interest of Kevin. Sophie was invited to Kate’s wedding, but she was accompanied by her husband. Therefore, the fans are ruling out the possibility that the passion that covered them in the past could resurface between them.

But it turns out that the thirteenth episode of the sixth and final installment of This Is Us also introduced a new character. Katie Lowes appeared in the family drama as Arielle, the singer present at Kate’s wedding, and this installment confirmed the connection between her and Kevin the night before the ceremony. Reason enough to think that the series could be dropping a clue to the fate of Justin Hartley’s character’s love life.

The NBC drama didn’t offer too much information about Arielle, but just by showing her and Kevin sharing in the hotel bar, it could be evidence that the series will develop a relationship for both characters before the family drama culminates in end of May.

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What is certain is that Kevin will not be left alone in This Is Us, as the writers have said for a while that fans will find closure to Kevin’s love story in the final season, and now there are three solid contenders established in Arielle. , Sophie and Cassidy. However, the wedding singer is the only one who doesn’t seem to have some sort of reason not to be with him, as Sophie is married while Cassidy is determined not to be in a relationship in a while.

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