This Is Us Will End With Season 6!

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The Pearson story comes to an end. The family drama has a closing date.

Goodbye to the Pearsons. NBC has announced that This is Us will end with season 6. After a hundred episodes, all kinds of surprising twists and glimpses into the past and the future, the family story cannot tell much more and the network has decided to date it. closing. It is news that will not surprise fans of the drama either, since its creator, Dan Fogelman, declared in 2019 that the third installment should be seen as “the middle ground” of fiction.

Therefore, that NBC has decided to end the series in season 6 is not something hasty or caused by bad audience data. The This is Us tracking numbers have gotten worse from previous years though. According to TVLine, on May 11, when fiction returned from a four-week break, its audience grew by one point, reaching 5.6 million viewers. However, it is 29% less than the average of the fourth season.

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Despite the decline, Pearson fiction is one of the productions with the highest number of viewers of NBC programming. Since it was released in 2016, it has kept a very loyal audience glued to the small screen and it can be said that it is already one of the great series on American television.

This Is Us tells the story of the Pearsons since Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) had their triplets. One of them died, but a baby who had just been abandoned arrived at the same hospital, so they decided to adopt him. The series tells of its problems and joys throughout decades and in different stages of the life of each of its members. This mode of narration allows the series to be extended easily, but, as we already said, Dan Fogelman did not anticipate continuing much further.

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“We never planned to do a TV series that was going to last 18 seasons and we have a very direct plan. I think the characters right now are in the middle of the story. When you are in the movies, there is a moment where you have been watching the movie for an hour. movie and wondering what’s going to happen, “the creator told The Hollywood Reporter a few years ago.


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