This is what Elizabeth Olsen thinks of the Young Avengers production

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Elizabeth Olsen revela lo asustada que estaba por la serie WandaVision

The protagonist of Wandavision, Elizabeth Olsen, spoke about the future of Marvel Studios. Specifically, the actress was asked about the possibility of the Young Avengers.

Elizabeth Olsen has been one of the key pieces of the Phase 4 from Marvel Studios, but in addition to that he has evolved as a character (Scarlet Witch / Wanda Maximoff). It is for this reason that Kevin Feige, CEO of the company, and the directors associated with future projects, have decided to give more and more importance to their participation.

Thus, for his inclusion in what is coming, he was questioned about a rumor of a possible project. The actress was asked about Young Avengers and this is what he said.

I have no idea, I don’t even know if Kevin Feige would know if you ask him […] From my perspective it might be a possibility, but I don’t think they have a real plan for that yet“, he claimed.

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In addition, he explained what the work of ‘The House of Ideas‘, relating each part of the collective plot at the same time. “They actually plan one phase at a time, and after completing it they move on to the next phase.He added.

For his part, Feige spoke a little more about that comment, but he also did not affirm that the company is working on that team specifically. “But, yeah, you can certainly see that Phase 4 is introducing all kinds of new character types with infinite potential. […] how new actors and new artists arrive and we tell them that they are part of a larger universe “, He said.

Future projects

Returning to Olsen, the interpreter commented on what is coming and referred to the experience of her work in Doctor Strange 2: Into The Multiverse of Madness. In the same way, he expressed himself about what it was like to work with Sam Raimi.“Sam Raimi is charming and I was able to learn a lot from him. It was strange to go from Scarlet Witch and Vision and take this character into a different movie that felt more based on movies from Marvel. I felt like I was putting on old shoes ”, commented.

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