This is what is known so far about Armor Wars, from Disney +

Esto es lo que se sabe hasta ahora de Armor Wars, de Disney+

One of the next series from Marvel Studios and Disney +, Armor Wars, has not advanced many details. However, one of its stars released a little more.

The series of Marvel Studios they have caused a great impact among the audience. Dozens of nominations and awards at the gala of the Emmy They were under the title of the most recent television productions of the company. Since his alliance with Disney, broadcasting for its streaming service, have been one of the most viewed projects in recent months. Wandavision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier Y Loki they were the first three big hits.

The latter recently premiered its final episode this Wednesday, in which a new look was given to the UCM. However, the production company’s projects in terms of series do not stop. Ahead come some titles like She-Hulk, Moon Knight, Iron Heart Y Armor Wars. The last two will be closely related to the Iron Man universe, although they are the least known.

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Still, about Iron Heart some general details as its protagonist and its screenwriter. However, the information available on the other is very minimal.

As it is, its protagonist, Don Cheadle, who will repeat in the role of John Rhodes / War Machine, was expressed on the current state of production. His character will be one of the most developed in the show, waiting for the return of others. This said the celebrity, who is preparing for the premiere of Space Jam 2.

This is what is known so far about Armor Wars, from Disney +

“All I know is that we’re going to walk into the room in a couple of weeks and start trying to break the backbone of the story and figure out who, what, when and where for everything. It’s very early in the development stages so I couldn’t even mess it up if I wanted to. I do not know what’s happening”, he claimed.

Armor Wars will be available at Disney+ in 2023.

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