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The third installment of Magic Mike is one of the most anticipated by fans. The stripper saga starring Channing Tatum will be directed by Steven Soderbergh, with a screenplay by Reid Carolin, and is expected to be the last in the franchise.

The truth is that Magic Mike’s Last Dance comes with good and bad news alike. The bad news is that the tape just lost Thandiwe Newton from its cast. The actress had been chosen in December of last year in a role that has not been disclosed so far.

Newton is recognized for her roles in such films as Mission: Impossible 2, Crash, and Solo: A Star Wars Story, among others. She most recently could be seen in Westworld, the critically acclaimed HBO series, and in All The Old Knives, the film in which she stars alongside Chris Pine for Amazon Prime Video.

In the last few hours it became known that the actress is leaving Magic Mike 3 due to “family issues.” For its part, Page Six reports that Newton’s departure was triggered by an alleged altercation between her and Tatum, reads the statement released by the studio.

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Despite the loss of Newton for the latest Magic Mike movie, fans were pleasantly surprised to learn who will be the actress to replace Thandiwe.

According to The Wrap site, Salma Hayek has been chosen to take the place of Newton in the new film in the franchise. The most recent works of the Mexican were Eternals, the Marvel movie, and House of Gucci, directed by Risley Scott. In addition to Magic Mike 3, the actress will rejoin Antonio Banderas for the second animated installment of Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, where she will once again provide her voice for Kitty Softpaws.

Salma Hayek se suma a Magic Mike 3

In addition to Tatum and Hayek, it is unknown what other actors will be part of the cast. Some time ago it was known that Matthew McConaughey wanted to return to the saga with his role as Dallas, while Joe Manganiello had made it clear that his days in Magic Mike were over. It is also not known if other names from the previous films will be back like Matt Bomer, Amber Heard or Kevin Nash.

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While there aren’t many plot details for Magic Mike’s Last Dance, Tatum had said it would be like Pretty Woman in reverse, but with a lot of dancing involved, and filmed in London.

Filming for Magic Mike’s Last Dance is about to begin and there is no release date yet.

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