This was Warner’s only request to James Gunn for The Suicide Squad.

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The Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

According to the director, Warner Bros. gave him a lot of freedom to create his version of The Suicide Squad, but they only made a very specific request.

The Suicide Squad is soon to be released and close to becoming the most beloved film of James Gunn to date, at least from what he himself has said. However, despite being weeks away from its launch, more and more details about its development continue to appear.

One of the most recent is related to the freedom and autonomy that Warner Bros. awarded to the director for the realization of the plot. From the beginning of production, the creator himself has been emphatic that they did not interfere with his ideas. So much was the trust they placed in him, that it will be the first R-rated film of the DC Extended Universe. This allowed the story to show the necessary violence.

However, there was something that the studio demanded when talking to the filmmaker. In an interview, the writer revealed what was the whim he had to grant the production company. This said:

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“I wanted to create what I thought was the Suicide Squad. For me, reacting to David’s movie would make her the shadow of David’s movie. David Yesterday. I wanted it to be completely my own. When Warner Bros. said they wanted me to do this, I saw the first movie for the first time, I called them and said, what do I have to hide from this movie? And they said, nothing. They said listen we would love for Margot Robbie to be in the movie… But it doesn’t have to be. I could create all the new characters or I could keep all the same characters ”, confessed.

Thus, it appears that the executives were very interested in keeping Harley Quinn in the new format. While it is true, James Gunn was never reluctant to give continuity to the character. In fact, he has only spoken wonders of the actress and the psychopath to whom this will give life.

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The Suicide Squad will premiere on August 6 in theaters and HBO Max.

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