Who is Thomas Robb? An American White Supremacist

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Thomas Robb

Thomas Robb is a white supremacist leader infamous for spreading white supreme ideology. He is also a Ku Klux Klan leader and also a Christian identity Pastor. He is the publisher of the magazine “the Crusader,” a crusader newspaper that has endorsed  President Donald Trump. Robb is provocatory of racism and antisemitism.

In the early eighties, he held rallies including thousands of people where he claimed to be spreading and standing up for the White cause. This article will give you everything you need about Thomas Robb.

Who is Thomas Robb?

Thomas was born in 1946 in Detroit, Michigan, United States, to a Baptist, protestant Christian family who believed baptism is only for believers.

His family later moved to Tuscan, Arizona, where he grew up with his parents. Robb’s view started taking shape from an early age, starting with his parents, who were a follower of Kenneth Goff and Joseph McCarthy. They both were strong advocates of anti-communist views.

When Robb was 13 years old, he started reading the paper “the Common Sense” written by Conde McGinley, who asserted that Holocaust never happened. Robb averred that while reading the common sense, he became aware of the Myth of the Holocaust, a tragedy where millions of Jews people were killed by the Nazis.

In high school, he joined a far-right-anti-communism group called the John Birch Society. Later he received a scholarship from the Soldier of the Cross Training Institute in Evergreen. Dr. Kenneth Goff established it.

After gaining a degree in theology from Colorado, he met with Ralph Forbes, the organizer of George Lincoln Rockwell’s National Socialist White People Party. When David Duke, a former leader of the KKK, left his position in the 1980s. Robb took over his duties and made many changes in the organization.

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To gain acceptance by a larger audience and enter the mainstream, he changed the title “imperial wizard” to “National Director.” He also renamed the party “The Knight party.”

He started taking members through emails rather than initiation rites, a common practice in the past.

If Thomas Robb is notorious for one thing more than others, that will be organizing the protest of 1986. When Robb moved to Boone County, Arkansas, he organized the protest against the Martin Luther King National Holiday in Pulaski, Tennessee.

It is also the birthplace of the Ku Klux Klan. He named this event as White Christian Heritage Festival, which KKK members still celebrate.

After this event, Robb started forming a connection with other White extremists like J.B. Stone, Ed Field, Don Black, and C Michael Colin Piper.

He appeared on the Voice of Reason Radio Network operated by Jamie Kelso to spread the ideology. At Argon Nation’s “World Congress,” he held the audience and taught them the White house’s importance. Robb has been in regular correspondence with the White Supremacist Internet forum storefront. In 1996 Robb started preaching a new concept that White is targeted by genocide. He describes his organization as a gentle, upbeat, and friendly group.

What is the Ku Klux Klan?

Ku Klux Klan, or KKK, is an organization of people who believe in White Supremacy and that all other people who are nonwhite are inferior to them. They are called white supremacists, right-wing terrorists, and hate groups who work to polarize and destabilize society.

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Their main belief and purpose are to make America a nation that is free from homosexuality, drugs, and immigration. KKK people claim to have extreme pride in their country, which is why they are working toward building a better society for everyone. The website dictates itself as a group of not hate but love.

Their primary targets in the past were the American Black community, but as of now, they targeted Jews, immigrants, LGBT people, and even Catholics. The organization’s history can be described in three-part since its formation in 1865.

At first, the Klan was founded in Tennessee by a former member of the  Confederate army in 1865. Although the movement was short-lived, its member’s atrocities will be remembered for a long time. They carried out acts of terrorism like rape, murder, lunching, arson, and other violent attacks. In the beginning, attacks were on anyone who challenged the white supremacist.

The middle era of the Klan was in 1921, founded in Atlanta, Georgia. It was a prosperous time for the Klan, boasting of having 4 million people working for the organization then. They were recruiting members by presenting themselves as a fraternal organization.

During this era, the KKK people worked full-time and had branches in every state of America, some even in Canada. But due to a series of scandals, KKK’s popularity comes down to only 30000 members.

In 1960 their revival came with the civil right movement. Klan believed that it would threaten segregation. Behind the KKK name, many independent groups are also active. They then murdered many civil rights workers.

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The KKK was also responsible for bombing 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1963. In this attack, four young girls were killed. At present, it is believed that there are 5000 active members of the Klan in the United States.

What is Robb’s reasoning behind the protest?

Speaking to the media, the leader of the clan said there would be a more violent attack like the Charlottesville riot in the future if media outlets and preachers do not condemn the other group like they condemn the white supremacist.

He advocates that everybody has the right to love their heritage, culture, and nationality, so why when white people say they love their people and heritage, they are labeled as racist. Robb also said their organization found its voice in the 2016 Presidential election. The KKK newspaper, the Crusader, even endorsed Donald Trump, which rejected him.

He is also against the Antifa and Black life matter protests. He believes that by doing this, they disrespect their hero, which can not be tolerated.

Bottom Line

When one time Thomas Robb was asked if people of color ever mistreated him, the answer was no. Even though he has no previous grudge, he still believes in white supremacy because he loves his people. This article is not in support of ideology. It was to state your curiosity about Thomas Robb.

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