Three Michael Jackson songs removed from streaming platforms

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Pop star Michael Jackson’s (1958-2009) songs “Monster”, “Keep Your Head Up” and “Breaking News” have been removed from streaming platforms. The BBC reports. The songs can be heard on the posthumous album Michael, released in 2010 and featuring previously unreleased songs by Jackson. Previously, there had been repeated allegations and even a complaint from a fan that the singing on the recordings was not that of the famous singer.

The BBC quotes a statement from the record label Sony Music and the estate of Michael Jackson that the removal of the songs from the streaming platforms has nothing to do with their authenticity. Rather, this measure is “the easiest and best way to end the discussion associated with these titles once and for all”. This keeps the focus “where it belongs – on the exciting new and existing projects that celebrate Michael Jackson’s legacy.” These include the Broadway musical “MJ” as well as the recently announced biopic “Michael”. The remaining songs from the album are still available, it concludes.

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Album “Michael”: The family had doubts about the authenticity of the song

Even before the album was released in December 2010, Michael Jackson’s family expressed doubts about the authenticity of the songs. His nephew Taryll Jackson (46), for example tweeted in November of that year, among others: “I know my uncle’s voice and something is wrong when immediate family says it’s not him. (…) Sounding like Michael Jackson and being Michael Jackson are two different things.”

Sony Music responded with a statement at the time, saying the label had “full confidence in the results of our extensive research and in what has been said by those who were in the studio with Michael that the vocals (…) are his own,” the BBC said. “

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