Three Netflix Comedies You Can Recommend to Your Friends


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Comedy movies are always a perfect plan to watch alone at home, or with a group of friends. Luckily for us, within the Netflix catalog we can find a section focused only on this genre of cinema.

There are many options that can be found within the streaming platform, both as romantic comedies, black or satirical humor, or also more children’s and family ones. For this reason, we have chosen three productions that are incredible.

When your friends ask you to recommend a movie and you don’t know what to say, don’t hesitate to use this list. They are three titles that fascinated the audience and that are different from each other. Look!

Comedy movies to recommend and look good: They’re on Netflix!

the girl next door

If we talk about must-see comedy movies on Netflix, The Girl Next Door is one of them. This production was directed by Luke Greenfield, and introduces us to an ambitious student named Matthew Kidman.

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Because he wants to have a political career, his entire adolescence was dedicated exclusively to studies. This caused her not to have had any adventures in her life and she has realized that she probably won’t have any in college either.

Everything changes when Danielle, a beautiful young woman moves in next door and they start a relationship. But when such a beautiful young woman notices him, his friends begin to distrust him. This is how they end up discovering a secret: the neighbor was, in the past, an adult movie star.

spare cops

A movie starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. The story takes us into the lives of Allen Gamble and Terry Hoitz, two New York police officers who live in the shadow of two men who are considered the “heroes of the force”: Christopher and PK Highsmith. However, when things get complicated in the Big Apple, this couple will have to spring into action.

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Another of the comedy movies that you must watch on Netflix and recommend to your friends. Supercool stars Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and features performances by big stars like Seth Rogen and Emma Stone.

The story focuses on Seth and Evan, two high school students who are best friends and hope that their graduation party will be amazing. Therefore, they seek to have a great time and get beautiful girls to notice them. However, everything will get complicated when two police officers appear and the friendship faces great dilemmas.

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