Tiger King season 3 Release Date and Everything we know

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Let’s be very honest! Netflix is filled with bizarre and unconventional shows and documentaries, and they are coming back with the third season of this bizarre yet mind-boggling show famously known as Tiger King!

The funny part? Season 3 is going to be a lot stranger.

As you all know, season 2 starts with Joe being sent to jail and getting a 22 years sentence for orchestrating Carole Baskin’s (his rival) and for abusing animals in his “exotic zoo.” Still, we see high chances of a reduced sentence by the time we reach the final episode.

Moreover, the finale of season 2 ends with many unanswered questions, like a new murder plot, witnesses recanting their evidence, etc. —— this means the third season will have a lot of things.

Will Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, Joe’s former comrade Jeff Lowe, and handyman-turned-‘hitman’ Allen Glover all return for Season 3 of Tiger King?

Tiger King Season 3 Release Date

Season three took a year and a half to film, so we won’t see new episodes until the beginning of 2023 at the earliest, provided Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin return to the plot for a third season.

According to Chaiklin, the majority of Tiger King 2 was shot during the epidemic’s height. “At times, filming in a manner that was both safe for our crew and our subjects proved to be quite a challenge.”

“The pandemic struck the United States in mid-March, and the [original Tiger King] programme aired on March 20, and I was out on the road in April,” Goode explained. “It was difficult, but we didn’t give up. We shot for 20 months, with over 265 on-set or remote shoot days… in places that were free of the pandemic.”

Tiger King Cast

Tiger king’s show is nothing without Joe Exotic, so obviously, season 3 will focus on his and his prison days, plus his struggle to come out of the prison early.

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Furthermore, this means that we will see John Phillips, his current lawyer, and Jeff Lowe and Allen Glover; they play an important role as they provide new testimonies on Joe’s behalf by the end of the season.

The appearance of Joe’s elder brother Yarri and his ex-husband Dillon passage are a question mark as of now because Yarri doesn’t want to get associated with Joe anymore, and Dillon and Joe have divorced.

It’s safe to say that whatever happens in this crazy mayhem revolving around Joe, his enemies, and his friends is going to be baffling.

More So because season two ended with many loose threads, like the federal appeal in Denver court to reduce Joe’s 22 years sentence stating that his two killing attempts were treated as separate charges instead of treating them one. This means his sentence could be brought down by 5 years.

The third season will also show John Phillips planning a completely new trial for Joe.

“People should realise what they saw on television isn’t the complete picture,” he said in a statement. “It isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. It was actually just the tip of the iceberg, concocted mostly by those who wanted Joe Exotic imprisoned for personal benefit.”

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After Tiger King 2, Jeff Lowe and Allen Glover — the zoo handyman Joe allegedly persuaded to kill Carole — filed court briefs supporting Joe’s retrial.

But the most shocking part in the show(apart from various other stupidities) is the evidence portrayed by Glover, wherein he showed that he and Jeff had planned out to kill Joe.

Glover’s evidence in the show is the most shocking, as he alleged that he and Jeff had planned to kill Joe by strewing a wire across one of the zoo’s woodland walkways, which would have decapitated him if he’d been riding his quad bike.

If Joe gets released in season 3, the reunion of jeff, Allen, and Joe will blow the entire series.

Furthermore, the viewers are interested in hearing Joe’s thoughts on Kate McKinnon’s new Joe Exotic drama series. She plays Carole Baskin, and Kyle MacLachlan plays her husband, Howard, and John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig And The Angry Inch) as Joe.

“Joe is the same age as me and grew up in a lot of the same locations I did in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas,”  says Mitchell.

“So I know a little bit about him, and I know about the kind of gay man who was probably tormented in middle school but then announced, ‘F**k you, I’m going to be a f**king redneck!’

Is there a trailer for Tiger King season 3?

There is no trailer for Tiger King season 3 because it has not yet been announced. However, here’s a trailer for season two to remind you of all the murder, mayhem, and craziness:

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As far as Carole Baskin is concerned

Carole Baskin’s return to the program may surprise viewers since she was less than thrilled (to put it nicely) to learn she had been cast in the current season despite having filmed no new material with the Tiger King crew. After declining the producers’ requests to be interviewed for Tiger King 2, she sought to sue Netflix to prevent them from utilizing past material.

“I felt like that’s just totally stupid when [Rebecca Chaiklin] declared she wanted to clear the air,” Carole told Radio Times in February.

“It was painfully evident that they had betrayed me. Why would she believe I’d ever agree to communicate with them again? So I advised her to simply forget about my phone number.”

Carole has her show, Carole Baskin’s Cage Fight, to concentrate on instead of returning to Tiger King. In a recent interview on This Morning, she described the series she produced for Discovery+ that exposes animal abusers.

Carole also spoke about the animal abusers seen in the show. “They’re really dangerous people, and spectators will see bloodshed and gunshots in Cage Fight. They’ll see a lot of action and real drama – none of it is staged – and I think they’ll be intrigued by how these people have gotten away with such savagery for so long.”

Baskin is also working to raise awareness against the maltreatment of animals, particularly huge cats.

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