Tini Stoessel celebrates the passage of her boyfriend Rodrigo De Paul to the final of the World Cup

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Tini Stoessel

And madness invaded the stadium. Argentina won the semifinal of the World Cup in Qatar against a Croatian team that could do nothing against the talent of its rivals. Three goals to zero in a score that crowned Messi, Rodrigo de Paul and their teammates and that has launched them direct to the final on Sunday. Argentina has not touched the world trophy for three decades, so this new opportunity is a dream come true. Hence, the fans in the stadium exploded in an explosion of enthusiasm that singer Tini Stoessel also experienced. The artist, girlfriend of the player Rodrigo de Paul, celebrated in the distance this achievement of the athlete with several captures of the moment in which they celebrated the victory.

In brief clips he captured the fans and also the hugs of the players, images in which De Paul is seen euphoric with one of his teammates. Messi also appears in these captures, with a huge smile after having contributed with one of the goals to the triumph of the team. Just a few days ago, the interpreter was in Qatar applauding her partner during the match that faced the Mexican national team. Then, together with his father in the stands, he was moved by this victory and also received the tender dedication of the player, who approached where Tini was when the final whistle sounded and blew him a kiss. “You came in the bad one… You’re amazing,” he wrote on his profiles. “Always, I love you very much Rodri,” she replied.

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With these images and especially the messages they exchange on their social profiles, the couple has silenced the rumors that have emerged around their relationship in recent weeks. It pointed to a crisis and even rupture, something that is belied by these gestures that suggest that they remain very united. Another example of this is this compliment that the player recently threw to his girlfriend in another of his publications. “Linda que sos” he said, words that received dozens of responses from his fans. Another romantic detail that the player has had with his girlfriend is to embroider on his boots the letters TTT, which refer directly to the Argentine (that’s what he calls himself and in fact he has a song called La triple T).

The interpreter, who has just celebrated the birthday of her mother Mariana Muzlera, is preparing her next musical appointments, concerts that on December 22 and 23 will take her to the stage of Campo Argentino de Polo in Buenos Aires. The tour will continue next year, starting in February, in cities such as Monterrey, Berlin and Zapopan. The singer will visit Spain on September 25, specifically the WiZink Center in Madrid, with a show that is the only date she has scheduled in Europe (at the moment).

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