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Netflix’s Tiny Pretty Things brought us to the most graceful series ever but also brought us close to the dangerous world of elite ballet. The series Tiny Pretty Things is set in Chicago’s fictional elite dance school, School of Ballet, the Archer. It is created by Michel Maclennan. The story is based on the novel of the same name by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton.

The series Tiny Pretty Things season 1 garnered mixed reviews but fans have already devoured all the 10 episodes that have patiently waited for its return. But unfortunately, we got heartbreaking news from Brennan Close. It follows Neveah Stroyer who has received a full scholarship to a prestigious ballet school in Chicago. Neveah enters the big competitive world. She will soon find out that she got into the school because the dancer who previously held her place is now in a coma. It was after an attack that resulted in her falling off the four-story building.

The first season of this Netflix original has a total of 10 episodes. It was released in mid-December 2020. Season 1 also ended with a shocking cliff-hanger. Now, fans are left wondering if the next season will come out or not. Let’s further discuss what we know so far about the second season of Tiny Pretty Things.

Will There Be Tiny Pretty Things Season 2?

Unfortunately, the renewal status of the Netflix series Tiny Pretty Things is currently canceled. Fans have been waiting for the renewal news for a very long time for Tine Pretty Things season 2. However, you may not know that the streaming giant Netflix has canceled the show just after the first season. Actor Brennan Close, who also played the role of Shane on the show, also confirmed the cancellation news with a video posted on youtube.

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The first season of the show was released on Netflix on December 14th, 2020. The streaming giant kept everything shush for quite some time. This made fans wonder if the series will no longer make a comeback on it. Finally, in November 2021, the makers of the show finally broke the silence and posted the video addressing the cancellation of the show.

Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 Release Date

The streaming giant Netflix very silent canceled the show just after the first season. So, we cannot expect season 2 of Tiny Pretty Things to happen anymore. All fans globally of the show are very disappointed with the decision and are completely devastated. Sadly, it is a firm decision taken by Netflix and show makers which will unlikely change in the future. But if it does, we will be surely the ones to update you first about the same.

Cast Of Tiny Pretty Things Season 2

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If season 2 of Tiny Pretty Things makes a comeback or gets a green signal then we will likely see all of the main characters returning to the show. Other characters besides Neveah will also be there in season 2. It will include her first friend at the Archer School, Shane who is gay but is secretly sleeping with his roommate. We will also see Bette who treats Neveah as her rival but often feels overlooked by her star elder sister. Other adults of the show that will surely be in season 2 of Tine Pretty Things are Ramon ( Bayardo De Murguia) who is a coveted choreographer, Monique (Lauren Holly) who is the director of the Archer school. He is the one who is actually secretly sleeping with a student as well.

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Let’s help you recall all the cast members of the show:

  • Brennan Clost as Shane McRae
  • Barton Cowperthwaite as Oren Lennox
  • Bayardo De Murguia as Ramon Costa
  • Damon J. Gillespie as Caleb Wick
  • Kylie Jefferson as Neveah Stroyer
  • Casimere Jollette as Bette Whitlaw
  • Anna Maiche as Cassie Shore
  • Daniela Norman as June Park
  • Michael Hsu Rosen as Nabil Limyadi
  • Tory Trowbridge as Delia Whitlaw
  • Jess Salgueiro as Isabel Cruz
  • Lauren Holly as Monique DuBois 

Expected Plotline of Tiny Pretty Things Season 2

Although the series has been canceled by Netflix in a rare case scenario it comes out here’s what we are expecting from the plot. We saw Cassie’s reemergence from her coma where she was able to confirm that her fall was no accident. Soon they also get to know that the person who pushed her was Delia. The plot gets more complex when Delia frames her own sister Bette and their mother knew about it the whole time.

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All of this unresolved drama is enough to bring a new plot or story to the second season of Tiny Pretty Things. In the final moments of the show, it is also revealed that Ramon has been stabbed. So, we are expecting the season 2 pick from the exact moment it left off. Talking of the second book of the novel, the story shows Bette, Gigi, and June competing with each for one last time in the American Ballet Company. So if the makers change their mind and wish to bring a new season then there is a lot of source material to cover in the next season.

Tiny Pretty Things' Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed or Canceled? - What's on  Netflix
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Critics Reviews For Tiny Pretty Things Show

The Netflix people Tiny Pretty Thing has earned a lot of fans worldwide but it also captured some attention from the critics of the show. The series only received 53% ratings from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. In fact, the show received backlash from the viewers for obscenity and unnecessary sex scenes that distract the viewers from the plot of the show. Some critics also did not like the sex scenes in the show as it was created as a teenage show and it could be inappropriate for them to watch it.


Tiny Pretty Things Trailer

Despite the cancellation of the show, we can say Tiny Pretty Things will always be one special series for its avid fans. You can have a look back at the best moments of the show by rewatching the first season trailer of the show. Here’s the link.

So, this was all we knew about Tiny Pretty Things season 2 and its renewal news. For more updates like this, stay tuned to our website as we will keep posting all the updates right here. Do let us know your views on the cancellation of season 2 of the show. Share your views in the comments section below.

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