To All The Boys Spin-Off: Will Lana Condor Return?

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“To All The Boys” spin-off: Will Lana Condor be there?

Lana Condor revealed in an interview what she thinks of a spin-off of “To All The Boys” and whether she would play – you will love the answer!

Lana Condor assures that she would be in the “To All The Boys” spin-off.

Oh yes, baby, There should be a spin-off of “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” with a new leading role: Lara Jean’s little sister Kitty! Fans are super enthusiastic about this idea, but not only viewers but also actress Lana Condor loves the presentation of a new film from the “To All The Boys” universe. In a new interview, the actress said: “I love the world of ‘To All The Boys’ more than people can imagine”- But Lana Condor goes even further and reveals that she would always be there in a spin-off!”I’m a big fan of the movies myself, so I’m always open to revisiting this universe because it’s basically very loving and beautiful.” Ok, Netflix. Can you please hurry up with the production? WE NEED THIS!


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“To All The Boys” spin-off: You already know that about the Netflix production.

So far there is no official statement from Netflix, start date, or anything else about this plan. All we know so far is that the “To All The Boys” spin-off is said to be in a very early stage of production on Netflix. But it should be a good sign that Lana Condor speaks so openly about this topic – and she would find a spin-off with Kitty as the main character super exciting: “I would immediately support something that Anna Cathcart is doing because I think she is great and she did a great job with Kitty. “With her cheeky manner in the “To All The Boys” parts, Kitty quickly became a crowd-pleaser. So she more than deserves her own film! By the way, a whole new series from the “To All The Boys” world is also planned – so we can look forward to a lot more material in the future and don’t have to worry about favorites like Lana Condor.

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