Tom Cruise Spills Beans Over ‘Mission Impossible 7’ Set Breakout

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Tom Cruise’s freak out on the “M: I-7” set caused a lot of talk in Hollywood. Now Cruise commented on this incident for the first time.

It was the topic of conversation in the film world at the end of 2020: Superstar Tom Cruise’s epic breakout on the set of his upcoming action film ” Mission: Impossible 7 “. The 58-year-old is considered meticulous, strict with himself and everyone else, and dominant both in front of the camera as an actor and behind the camera as a producer.

In London, he compressed employees after he wanted to see them right next to each other on a monitor despite strict distance rules. The whole thing was recorded live, the sound recording was made public and gave the world an insight into Cruise’s emotional life.

To the criticism of his verbal derailments, there was also encouragement from Hollywood colleagues such as George Clooney and Vanessa Kirby. Only Cruise himself hadn’t commented on this incident – until today. In an interview with Empire Magazine, Cruise finally took a position:

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“I said what I said. Much was at stake at the time. But it wasn’t my entire crew. I let the crew members leave the set, and there were a few select people. Production should not be stopped anymore. All of these emotions went through my head. I thought of the people I work with, of my film industry. And it was a huge relief for the entire crew to know that we could keep working on the film. It was very emotional, I have to tell you. ”

“Mission: Impossible 7” and “Mission: Impossible 8” are no longer shot one after the other.

In these extraordinary times, it is understandable that the nerves are on edge. Especially when the shooting of film production had to be interrupted by the corona pandemic – just like with “Mission: Impossible 7”. The delays and the upcoming PR tour for “ Top Gun: Maverick ” (theatrical release on November 18, 2021 ) ultimately led to the plan, “M: I-7” and “ M: I-8 ” one after the other to turn off, had to be discarded. The cruise will simply not be available.

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Nevertheless, fans can look forward to a new adventure with IMF agent Ethan Hunt in the near future: “Mission: Impossible 7” starts in cinemas in Germany on May 26, 2022.

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