Tom Felton And Emma Watson Dating Rumors Years After ‘Harry Potter’?

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The rumor mill is simmering: What’s going on between the two ” Harry Potter ” actors Emma Watson and Tom Felton?

Harry Potter fans love Tom Felton’s birthday greetings to Emma Watson.

And the rumor mill is hot again! “Harry Potter” fans had to wait a long time for a new symbol – and now this! For Emma Watson’s birthday, her dear colleague Tom Felton left a particularly sweet congratulation. On a picture of the two of them from 2002, Felton writes: ” Happy Birthday to the one & only ” (” Happy birthday for the one and only”). OKAY, come on, what more do you need ?! The fans went nuts! The “Dramione Heart” (mixture of Draco and Hermione / Hermione) beat faster, also with us.


Ever since Watson admitted in 2011 that she had quite a crush on Felton when the two started the “Harry Potter” franchise, fans around the world have been hoping that something will come between them after all. In the meantime, Watson has been with Leo Robintonfor a long time… But the fan hope dies last! Even if we of course wish Watson and her boyfriend all the best.

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Emma Watson and Tom Felton: Intimate Friendship.

“Hermione Granger” and “Draco Malfoy” are known to be anything but good friends in the ” Harry Potter ” stories. In reality, however, it looks very different: the two actors Emma Watson (28) and Tom Felton (31) made friends during the filming and make no secret of the fact that they were still eight years after the release of the last “Harry Potter” – Films still like to spend time together. Just yesterday, the pretty actress pottered a sweet pic of herself on Instagram, which nobody other than Tom had shot of her, and wrote: “Friends put you in the limelight!”

“Harry Potter” fans hope for a love story.

But are the two British superstars really just friends? Some fans have suspected for a long time that there is more going on between the two! After all, cute pics keep popping up that show Emma and Tom in intimate togetherness. “You are so cute together!” One of the thousands of fans wrote in November under a picture that the “Hermione” actress had posted of herself and her (alleged) buddy Tom on Instagram. The 31-year-old then revealed in an interview that he and Emma meet quite often, but just don’t post it on Instagram every time. Only the two know whether there is really more going on between the two “Harry Potter” stars. The fans would definitely celebrate if one day the big love outing came!

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